Sunday, June 08, 2014

An attack

I had my 'official' weekly weigh in.  My weight was up.  Could be natural fluctuation or it could be simply be the affects of vacation finally catching up on the scales.  Not sure...not gonna freak out about it.  Just going to focus!  

I know that my issues and the main reason that my weight is sitting still....or rather staying within the same 3-5 pound range is the fact that my eating is not spot on.  It is not off the cuff...but I'm just not where I need to be.  I know it.  I have to tighten that up!

My weekend flew by...of course.  They all do.  I worked on Saturday morning but flew into action after work.  I had some errands.  First up was Lowes to pick up some lumber to hopefully finish up some of our projects.  I then went to Sam's club where I picked up our vacation photobook.  Last up was groceries.  I rushed home to put everything away and immediately headed out for a walk with a friend on the canal.  I got home and Todd and I worked some on our backyard project and we had dinner.  A nice soak in the hot tub and our day was done.

Saturday started early with yet another trip to Lowes and breakfast out.  We got home and the work commenced.  I spackled a wall that I had plans to paint and then headed out to mow.  And that is where it went downhill. Shortly after starting  mowing (push mowing) I felt my sinus' start to drain and my body respond to the pollen in the air.  That was normal, so I kept mowing....and then I don't know what happened...but that stuff got REAL.

The affects of the pollen got intense and before I knew it I looked like I had gone through a field of tear gas.  I was gagging....dry heaving....snot was stringing from my nose and water was flowing from my eyes like I had lost my long lost friend.

Not a picture of me...but I am sure I looked as miserable..and I had snot stringing to the ground....yeah real pretty I know
 I was hunched over and shaking like a leaf by the time I got to the back of the house where Todd was working.  I called out for water (it took me a few times to get my message across to him because I was literally in pretty bad distress. )    I sat there for a while and got passed it.  I finished mowing....with two more 'attacks'.  Luckily the next two times I stopped immediately as soon as I felt the first inkling of 'badness' and I was never as bad as that first time.

Like I said, I managed to finish the mowing and I even managed to paint two walls in my kitchen.  Looks SOOO much better.  The only problem????   My sinus' are sooo messed up that my head feels like it's double it's size!!!! (and my eyes hurt....)  Kinda like this....
Oh well....tomorrow is a new day.  Planning to run in the am and zumba in the pm!!!


LuckyMama said...

Wow - that's a pretty terrible reaction!! Make Todd cut the grass next time!

Congrats on not letting the gain get you down. Like you said, get your eating spot on - and it'll happen!

Kyra said...

Yeah, that's pretty severe - I hope you are taking something for it? I hate the idea of netti pots, but you probably need to use one to clear out your sinuses from whatever set you off in the first place! I hope you feel better!

Lori said...

Have you seen an allergist? Mine recommends Zyrtec. Give it a try and maybe wear a mask next time you mow.

timothy said...

I agree with lori try a mask next time or as suggested let Todd do the mowing! and the netti pots are FANTASTIC as a preventative and treatment. (imagine me in stern voice with finger shaking) when you have an attack that bad you STOP immediately and take care of it, do NOT finish up and have smaller attacks that is dangerous!

Tiffany said...

Hope you are feeling much better my friend.

Michele said...

Sounds like really bad allergies to me,too. I have the same thing with asthma and am now on Zyrtec. Works really well.

Leslie said...

Wow, sorry about your attack. You just pushed on through. You are such the tough cookie ( a low-fat, no calorie cookie of

Tricia Coniglio said...

Oh my gosh! Those are some serious allergies! I haven't had a yard to mow in a really long time but growing up I used to put a bandana around my face to reduce the allergies.