Monday, December 27, 2021

I’m Alive

​I’m alive!  Really, I didn’t die…or spend any time  in the hospital…or cut off my fingers disallowing me to type.  I have just been plain…well I don’t want to say lazy, but I just haven’t been posting.  Don’t get my wrong, I think about it… the depths of the night when all is quiet and I can’t sleep.  But when I wake up I’m going going going and it just doesn’t happen.  I promise to be better!   So let’s catch up a bit…and then I’ll talk about my weight loss efforts this month. 

December Museums and Fun

December was a busy month.   I had the normal work obligations but I did have some time off and we stayed busy on the weekends!

On the first weekend of the month we went to a Rural Heritage Museum and while I thought I would only be there for an hour, we spent 4 hours there.  

The next weekend was my birthday.   We had a few days off.  I did some errands on one day (yup…my name is officially changed in the most important places now).  And we went to Lancaster County, PA for a wee little getaway.   We hit some of the normal places but also did the Landis Valley Museum for a few hours.

The next weekend we celebrated Christmas with Jason’s parents on one day and on the other weekend day we roamed a bit locally and just enjoyed the sites.

The next weekend was Christmas (this last weekend).  and I had another four day weekend.  It was just as busy.  I spent a day with my mom.   Jason and I spend Christmas Eve together.  We roamed during the day and did our private celebration and gift exchange that evening.  Of course the pets got gifts too!

Christmas Day we went to my mom’s house.  We got there early to help prepare Christmas dinner/lunch.   And we got home that evening exhausted.    Sunday was spent relaxing and trying to not think about going back to work!   We went to the canal and walked for a few hours. The weather was delightful!!!

So we have stayed busy.    My ‘down time’ has been spent working on a new quilt.   Yes…I started a new quilt.  I started it on Black Friday.     It will be a version of a ‘grandmothers flower garden’.  I have the ‘flowers’ all made.  100 of them…and each one is hand sewn and takes about an hour.  (So now you know where my time has gone).    On Christmas Eve I laid all 100 on the floor and  arranged them in the order that they will be sewn together. (I didn’t want all my pink flowers in one corner…or all my orange fabrics clumped together elsewhere).   Now I am working on adding the white pieces between each ‘flower’ and putting it together.  

So you can see we have been busy!

Weight Loss

But what about my weight loss efforts?   Maybe I should say my weight loss NON-EFFORTS!  Yes, you read that right.  I’ve struggled and I kinda gave up.

I’m terms of my addiction.  I actually haven’t been doing to badly with that.  My mindset is in a better place! However, I have been struggling since vacation in October. I have been barely hanging on.  My birthday weekend  this mont followed by holidays was a combination that was not good.   I didn’t track anything and didn’t even think about calorie intake!   And yes there was cake…and apple dumplings…and pie….well you get the point.

So I am sitting on a weight gain!  Embarrassing.  But I’m determined to turn this around….and I have some plans formulating in my head.  One of which is that I am planning on doing another mile challenge in 2022.  It was fabulous for me in 2021.  I saw how my legs grew stronger..not just for biking but also in my hiking abilities.  So that is in the works (gonna officially sign up today).   Secondly, I will be switching to my new day planner at the end of this week and it has a section for habit tracking.   So I will be tracking my daily habits.   Right now I will be focusing on a few things:

1.  Tracking my food

2.  Calories 1400 or lower

3.  Exercise at least 5 days a week

4.  Step count…aiming right now for 5k but hope to up that

5. 64 ounces water bare minimum!

It really will be a back to the basics plan.    I KNOW that the basics work for me.  I just need to focus on them.  I am setting a weight loss goal also.  I am aiming to lose 1 pound a week.  That is a doable goal.   And since I am sitting at roughly 250 pounds, that will put me at 200 pounds by this time next year.   Sure, I would love to be at goal by this time next year. But slow and steady will work.  I would rather have a doable goal versus a goal that will bring me to failure!  So one pound a week it is!    Hmm…maybe I will just make it a simple 50 pounds for next year.  50 pounds in honor of my 2022 50th birthday!!  

I’m technically not waiting until the new year to start.  I am working today to make some changes.  Gearing up so to speak!   Starting to build those habits!!!

So here I am.  Alive and well.  Fatter and more miserable with my weight, but ready to make changes!  Now is the time!!


jen said...

Happy to see you back.
All the very best for the New Year……..and weight loss.
Happy 2022 to you.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Welcome back. Impressive quilt.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Lynn said...

A blog break is necessary sometimes. I'm thinking about starting mine back up soon.

Paula C said...

I am glad you are back. I am glad the absence was due to activities & not tragedy. Isn't getting your name changed a real pain? I remember all the leg work. But it is important. I love Lancaster County. My husband & I went several times when we lived in CT. We stayed at the Red Caboose. Actual Caboose turned into rooms. I love the quilt. I wish I knew how. I gave up on diet too. I gained. I have been a such a loss on what to do. It just seems like everyone I follow are losing weight & I am not. I hate that I have such an issue with food. I know I need to just make peace with it. I just cannot eat like others. I just don't know what plan to follow. I have tried so many.

Mrs Swan said...

Yeah! You are alive! I am happy to see that!

I started on my most recent try yesterday myself. I find that I do better if I start on weird days. Never, Monday or the 1st. It just works better for my mental headspace oddly enough.

Welcome back doll!

Tiffany said...

It's rough when you have an addiction trying to combat that and your weight at the same time. At least you realized what was happening so give yourself credit for it. We all slip up, life happens. But now you have a plan back in place and you'll make it happen. Love the pictures. My granny use to quilt, lovely start on yours.

Rose S. said...

Well wha a way to scare us! lol Glad you are good and ready for 2022!

Happy New Year!

MaryFran said...

Thanks! I can’t wait to share the quilt too when it is done! (I can’t even think about sharing the finished quilt…I’m thinking about hand quilting it which will take a long time!)

MaryFran said...

It’s good for my soul to write my thoughts out!!! :). So I am glad that I’m back!

MaryFran said...

I gained also! But it is a new year…a new opportunity to shine!!

I have always wanted to stay at the Red Caboose place!!!!!!!!!

MaryFran said...

Yay to a restart! We have this!!!!!!

MaryFran said...

This is our year! We can do it!!!

Quilting is a dying art! Hopefully you have one of the quilts your granny made!!!

MaryFran said...

Happy New Year!!

MaryFran said...

Happy New Year!!