Saturday, January 01, 2022

Happy New Year!!

​The new year is here!   2022.  I have ideas and plans and goals for this year. I’m sitting here a bit disappointed with how I ended 2021, scared at the enormity of challenges and changes for 2022 but yet excited at the same time!  So much happening (hopefully).

Disappointing End to 2021

I am ashamed to admit that I ended 2021 with a very bad mentality. I adopted the mentality that ‘January first is when I am starting’ and I went absolutely nuts with my eating. Cake?  Why yes, I’ll have a huge piece!    Candy? Of course!   Eating a candy bar at 9:30 AM, don’t mind if I do! (Yes…twice in the week leading up to the new year!). It was a free for all!   Seriously, I didn’t even step on the scale during the last two weeks of the year.  I pretty much gave up on my birthday weekend and throughout the following two weeks….until this morning, January 1.   I woke up and stepped on the scales this morning…because it’s the new year after all!  I was appalled!  7 pounds up from where I was at my birthday and 10 pounds from where I was at Thanksgiving!   What?????   How disappointing….even though I will admit that I deserve each and every one of those pounds (although I’m hoping some of that will drop quickly with proper water consumption and hydration!)

Hopes and dreams for 2022 (non weight related)

I have lots of hopes and dreams for the year 2022. We hope and dream of buying a house!  We are starting the process and hope and pray that we can make that transition this year. 

We are also hoping and dreaming of having Jason go off on his own in terms of work and work for himself in 2022.   So possibly a business starting.  (Appliance repair if you are interested in knowing what type of business).

Of course we dream of a fabulous vacation….we have a few places in mind.  Not sure what will pan out though.  We also hope to get back to New River Gorge, there are more trails to explore!

Weight loss for 2022

I am turning  50 years old in 2022.  So I have set a goal of losing 50 pounds in 2022.  50 by 50!   I would be tickled if it were more…which would put me very close to my projected goal weight.  But I’m aiming for 50….Roughly one pound a week.  Yeah I know…there are 52 weeks in a year…but 52 by 50 just doesn’t sound right!  

I am embarking upon another mile challenge for the year. I am aiming for 2022 miles for this year.  Loosely  speaking, that is  6 pounds a day.  I finished it up by mid September last year.  Let’s see what I do this year!  

I am hoping and thinking about going back to a more ‘meatless’ existence.  Not exactly vegetarian.   But just less meat!   I have been trying to incorporate more meatless meals back into my daily life.  I ate very little meat for quite a few years and was quite happy with it.  But then I started eating meat and well…I’m just not convinced that it is healthy for me!   Sooo.  That will be a shift!

So lots of changes.  Lots of plans.  Lots of dreams.  It is January first, now is the time to reach for those goals and dreams!  Let’s do it!  This is my year!!!!


Amy said...

I may have to steal your 50 by 50 plan because I turn 50 at the end of 2022 as well, and it's a great idea! I have been on and off meat, even plant-based vegan. It can be challenging but sometimes the challenge is what drives us.
I love your continued enthusiasm and I really hope 2022 is your year!

Mrs Swan said...

TY for telling us what the business would be. I am nosey! I know that is a great field though as working the check cashing field I met plenty of them! He can also scrap the people's old appliances if they are unfixable. Or if the people just plain don't want to fix it he can also try and sell to appliance repair businesses.

I give up on setting any goals as far as miles for anything. I thought about one but figured if I DID actually do it I would keep it to myself since I never complete shit. LOL

I bet at least 5lb of that will be gone in the first week from proper hydration like you said.

As long as you stay focused I KNOW you go this girl!

Paula C said...

Happy New Year. Your finish certainly mirrored mine. I totally gave up. I really was feeling like I would never win this battle. I have been struggling for months now. I am back in the saddle and am working on losing this weight once and for all. It sounds like you have several goals. Home ownership is good. We hope to travel this year too.

peppylady (Dora) said...

2021, and 2020...I wasn't smooth sailing. I'm hoping for less bump in 2022.
Coffee is on and stay safe

SANRDJ said...

Happy New Year! Another 50 birthday this year for me too! You've got this.... put your mind to it and you will lose that 50!

Lynn said...

You got married, that's a big accomplishment! I'm glad you're still blogging. I brought my blog back after a break!

jen said...

Happy New Year.
Stretch, reach, and grab those goals, you can do it.