Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Week

Another week down and at my weigh in this past Tuesday, I found myself down another 3.2 pounds. This brings my total since starting weight watchers to 9.4 pounds. Yippee! My first goal is 24 pounds so I'm almost half way there!

I'm actually not having too much difficulty working with the point system. I am finding that I can eat quite a bit of food within my allotment, without using my flex points. Well, as long as I make a few minor adjustments! It also helps me if I have planned what we are having for dinner...or what I am eating wherever we are going. I can plan my breakfast and lunch better. I've been eating a lot of fruit. I need to kick up my vegetable consumption though!

I'm trying to be a whole lot more active. I am riding the exercise bike more, riding my 'regular' bike more and walking a whole lot more. I'm dragging Todd along for a lot of this also. So I can be happy and know that it is helping him also.

This process is so difficult for someone with no patience!

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