Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slow Sunday Morning

I woke up realtively early and read a little bit. I laid in bed, thinking (between sentences) that I should really motivate myself out of bed and read while riding the exercise bike. But, alas...bad me....I didn't do it. I did eventually get up and have been reading the boards on Weight Watchers. This for me is quite motivational. I know when I am losing the most weight, I am also focused on the weight loss. Almost obsessive abou it. Oh well, whatever it takes!

Last night after work Todd and I went to my bosses pool. (She is out of town and offered it to us to swim in while she was gone.) I swam or jumped around in the water for the whole 45 minutes we were there (would have stayed longer but a storm blew in..arrgghh). I actually had a pretty good work out. Plus, Todd was hanging all over me while I was trying to swim and jump around. It would have made me mad, except that it doubled my weight...and the work that I had to do to move.

Today after church, TOdd and I are planning on hitting the gym. We sooo have to get back into going to the gym on a regular basis. This not going has got to stop. I've got to get incredibly active. THat is the only way that I am going to get this weight off! Maybe I should also start wearing my pedometer on a regular basis. Working at the deli has got to be good for me in the aspect that I am on my feet and moving more than I would be if I had a desk job! Twould be interesting to see how many steps I do take a day.

I'm starting some challenges on the weight watchers boards. I am looking forward to getting as much motivation as possible!

I'm really trying to stay away from the scales. It is incredibly difficult now knowing where I am. But my home scales simply flucuate way too much! I will probably weigh myself today at the gym though. :-)

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