Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last night we went to an Italian restaurant with my
brother, his family and my parents. I was looking
at the menu and KNEW the points value for the spagetti
and the lasagna. I saw manicotti and THOUGHT that it
would be similar to lasagna. Come on's
pretty close isn't it? WELLLLLLLLL I enjoyed it
greatly. Got home and went to the points menu in my
weight watchers books and low and behold it was
DOUBLE what I expected. I didn't blow my day too
badly. I was only 2 points over my daily limit.
I'm not worried because of the fact that we have those
35 extra weekly allowance points that I try not to
use..just for these occaisions... technically I
guess I now have 32 left. PLUS, apparently week
three I will learn about how exercise can add on points
to my daily allowance. For example someone told me
that walking like 15 minutes gives you one extra point
to eat a day. problem. I rode my bike for
30 minutes. So that 'probably' negated those two extra
points. :-)

Had some revelations yesterday. Went to the Waffle
House for breakfast. I was scanning the menu, ready
to face defeat and admit that I could get two eggs
and two pieces of toast and blow like 1/2 of my
daily allowance of points, when Todd mentioned a
waffle. I ran to the car and found it was only 5
points with a point extra for a teaspoon of butter
and one point for the syrup. SO I ate that. Much
less food than I would have normally eaten. Well I
got to work about an hour or so later and just had
an apple from my lunch, planning on eating my lunch
around 2 or 3. After all, I had gone to Waffle
house and had a 'big' breakfast (well, I used to
have big breakfasts at the waffle house). Round
about 2 I started feeling sick, My stomach was
feeling really weird. I was all worried. Then I
noticed that when I took a drink of water the feeling
would go away for about 10 minutes before it
returned. It got me thinking. WOW....the light
bulb clicked....I was actually HUNGRY. My body was
demanding food. I ate and I was ok. Ok, I know
this doesn't seem like a great revelation. However
to me it is. For years and years I have been eating
for the sake of eating, not really thinking about
the fact that my body really needs this food for
nurishment and to sustain my life. Since I was
simply shovelling food in, I so rarely got to the
point that my body was demanding food. Like I said,
yesterday was a huge revelation....actually allowing
my body to talk to me instead of my addiction to food!
Yes, I do have an addiction to food!

I've been exercising a whole lot this week. I woke up on Thursday and Todd didn't seem motivated to go out, so I hopped on the exercise bike. I was 15 minutes into it when he came into the living room and asked if I wanted to hike some. SURE...I would much rather go outside versus the exercise bike. So I quickly got dressed and headed out, we walked for 30 minutes. I then ALSO rode my bike to and from work!(15 minutes each way on the riding to and from work totals 30 mintues)
Friday I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes and rode to and from work. Saturday I took it a bit easier and only did the exercise bike for 30 minutes. TOday, I dont' plan on riding the bike. I have already been out in the garden for about an hour picking. I'll spend a good deal of time in the kitchen today canning what I picked! Afterwards I need to clean the house. So even on my off day I'll be active. On monday we plan on going for a longer bike ride. I'm pretty excited!

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