Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Life’s Rollercoaster

​Life is one big rollercoaster.  Ups and downs.  Valleys and highs.  Craziness around every corner.  Sometimes the rollercoaster is a gentle one.  Serenely allowing you to see the passing scenery without to many crazy dives.  But sometimes the rollercoaster is intense.  There is nothing serene about this rollercoaster ride.  It takes you from highs to lows alarmingly fast.  It twists and turns and leaves you feeling out of control.  I am very much so on a wild life rollercoaster right now.

House Hunting

Have you taken a look at the housing market lately?  It is crazy!   We see a house go on the market on Monday and by Wednesday, Friday at the latest it is sold.  I have arrived at a house went on the market in the morning and I was lucky enough to get an appointment at 11AM….and when I arrived, the house already had a bid on it!  How crazy is that?  When they receive a bid. They leave the bids open for 2-3 more days…to encourage multiple bids….so you want your bid to stand out and look good.  How can you do that?  One way is a bidding war of course.  They are asking one price…offer more and put in a stipulation that you will go higher and how high you will go. (It will increase 1k increments).   Many people are waiving all inspections.  Does the furnace actually work?  Who knows…. What about the air conditioner, the appliances do they work?  Does the roof leak?  Is the septic system leaking and needing replaced? Without an inspection you are taking a huge risk.   But people are going without inspections right and left!  Crazy I tell you!  Oh and let me mention again that if you see a house that you like, you better make an offer that day…that minute.  I know it’s a big purchase but you just don’t have time to think about it.  Split second decions.

So we are actively house hunting.  Touring and looking.  Dreaming and thinking.  Jason does not do well with split second decisions….he likes to ponder and think.  It’s who he is and how he operates for any purchase he makes.  Me, well I worry and ponder the money issue.  I’m better at split second decisions…but I panic and ponder and worry about the financial end.  So you can see the rollercoaster dips and valleys that we are encountering.

About a week ago we saw a house pop up on the market. We made an appointment.  We liked the house.  We liked it enough to actually put in a bid.  The roller coaster of life picked up speed and intensity.  And then the rollercoaster rolled and twisted….our offer was turned down and a different offer accepted. 

Sure we were bummed out. I won’t lie and say any different.  But I will say that we have been praying for the perfect house…in the perfect time for us.  So we are trusting God and saying that the house was not for us.  We started hunting again.  We haven’t seen anything again that interests us enough to put in a bid…but we are certainly looking.

The rollercoaster ride of house buying continues.  If we want to buy a house, the rollercoaster ride will continue….and I accept that it will be an intense ride.  Because I well know the thrill, excitement and happiness of a great rollercoaster ride!

Weight loss

I restarted a few weeks ago on this weight loss journey.   I was committed and I saw success the first week!   The second week I went backwards, although I was sure that it was due to my monthly ick.  Week three I was able to recoup week two’s gain and even lose a bit.   But week four….the house hunting rollercoaster threw me into a tailspin.  I stopped tracking and while I was still making healthier choices, I wasn’t on 100% on track.  So week four I went backwards again in my journey.  I won’t even pretend that it was anything other than my fault.  

I am still clinging to the ‘Geronimo’ motivation.  I want to win this badly!   I want the bragging rights.  

But I know to get those bragging rights, I need to be consistent with my efforts.  I know how to lose weight.  It may be harder and slower the older I get, but I know how to do it.  I just need to do it!!!  Right now my weight loss journey is a crazy with highs and lows.  I am the one that can change this rollercoaster to a nice serene coaster…I have control of this rollercoaster!

We all experience the rollercoaster of life.  Right now I’m on the crazy intense ride.  But that’s ok.   Because the crazy intense rides that are full of flips and twists and turns are the ones that sometimes  elicit the best responses and feelings.   The roller coaster of life is the same.  The intense life rides are the ones that bring change and are the spark for us to improve ourselves.  


SANRDJ said...

The stress of buying a home is crazy!! I remember doing it 23 years ago and the market is nothing like it is today. We had the luxury of getting inspection, waggling down the price a bit and ability to tour a number of homes to find our perfect home. And it still kept me up all night!

All I can say is stay patient... it will happen when the right one is there for you and it will be worth it!

Lynn said...

When I bought my current house I brought a friend who is a general contractor instead of paying for an inspection. The only thing we missed that I can tell was a weak spot in the roof that eventually gave out and leaked. But the inspector would have missed it too. In the past I have had a buyers agent who told me some of the drawbacks of a property. Do you have a buyers agent? They're really helpful.

Amy said...

Our realtor gave us a tip that has worked for a lot of her clients- make a family letter. Introduce yourself briefly and explain your interests/ line of work/ pets and why their home would be a perfect fit for you. It gives the seller something personal to connect to. It's not always about the money, especially because the bank has to agree that the house is worth the amount being offered before the loan is approved. You should include a family letter with each house you put an offer on, customize it to the property so you can tell the seller what parts you love about their home.
As for the weightloss rollercoaster, life has a way of wringing us out from time to time. You are human and stress is exhausting. It's not about perfection. Having limited success is way better than never having tried!

Paula C said...

Life is a roller coaster for sure. Plenty of ups and downs. I guess the lows make us appreciate the highs. As for weight loss it isn't easy. Fluctuations are very hard to take. I am currently reading the book Breaking up with Sugar. It is no quick fix diet but rather how to overcome the addiction. A lot of what I have read makes sense to me & my issues. I have lost a little weight in the last 2 weeks but have a way to go.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

Definitely don't rush into a huge decision and purchase like a house. I am like Jason: I want to research, weigh my options, take my time making a decision. When I get rushed, I just back out and decide "Nope", ha ha. Are you working with a real estate agent to help guide you and find houses for you? Our real estate agent sometimes clued us in to houses before they were even listed, which was helpful.

jen said...

It’s been a long time since we bought our house, hope you find your dream. Keep looking and don’t settle for anything other than “the one”.

Mrs Swan said...

I got nothing on the house hunt. I feel you on the roller coaster ride part of life though. Hopefully, the perfect house will pop up on your radar. I truly believe the only reason we were able to snag our house is that the walls were FILTHY. You know when you see a dirty door jam and are like damn. Think walls of the house grey from kids about 4 feet up. We have no pictures. I was like like - Hmm I can buy paint. LOL