Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Having fun…..Or Not

​Are we having fun yet?  I’m not so sure I am!   Work is not fun.  My stress levels are not so much fun.  Oh and let’s not forget that my weight loss journey is not fun at all!   I’m not having fun in life right now am I?

Work fun (sarcastic fun)

Work has been absolutely insane lately.   We are crazy busy.   There is not enough time in the day to complete what they ask of us.  So we are left with two options.  1.  Come in early/stay late/work through our breaks…off the clock.  Or 2.  Have this manager or another manager constantly asking about why such and such isn’t done.   We (my coworkers) are constantly being belittled and micromanaged by the people in positions above us. We are singly called out for things that either everyone is doing or is something that they are just announcing to the whole team that you didn’t do….even though it isn’t due until that work day, it’s only 8:30 and you just arrived at 8am.  We have to literally ask to go to the bathroom…take a break….or go to lunch.  I have had a break scheduled at 9:30 AM that I wasn’t allowed to take until 11:15.   Not much that we do is good enough.  It’s terrible and causes quite a bit of stress. I wake up with nightmares about this job.  (And it’s not just me…two coworkers have started taking anxiety meds. Another told me about how she can’t sleep at night worrying about this job.   A different one just called out sick and told me how she just laid in bed depressed and upset about this job.).  

House Hunting Fun

We are house hunting.  We are pre approved and ready to go.  But have you taken a look at the housing market recently?  It’s nuts!  Our lease is up in July and I’m already panicked about the switch over…I’m stressed about finding something in time so we have a place to live…but not too early because we can’t afford paying a mortgage and rent both!  Can we find something that makes both of us happy?   I’m just worried.  

Weight loss Fun

Weight loss just sucks some time!  Last week I watched my calories so closely and I did amazing.  My calories were right where I planned.  

I actually aim for the 1280 mark and my average for the week was spot on!  I actually lost a fair amount of weight at my official weigh in.   3.6 pounds to be exact.

And then this week started….  No my calories have been 100% in check since my weight in day (which was Saturday).   A bit higher on weekend but still in my lose zone!

Yet my weight this week popped back up to my starting weight.   Yes, you read that right.  That 3.6 pound weight loss that I showed last Saturday…the pounds that I saw slowly disappearing all through last week came back.  

Yes, I weight in daily.  I know that there are normal fluctuations and I only count my weekly weigh in as the official one.  But the daily weigh in keeps me on track and on target.  It’s disheartening to see the weight pop up and then look at the calories and know that I am being 100% on track!   (And I’m drinking my water too!)

I’m not giving up.  It’s only Wednesday.  My body has until Saturday to ‘get with the program’.  I will keep eating right.  The scales will catch up with my efforts…eventually.   Is it stress affecting my weight.  Could be.  Is it hormones affecting my weight?  (Yes, my cycle is all whacked out …I’m at that age you know.). Could be.  Could my body just be doing it’s own dang thing?  Could be.   But the bottom line is that I am doing what is right and good for my body…..and I will continue!

No giving up!!


SANRDJ said...

Gurl... you need a find a job that makes you happy. Too much stress in your life and the stress just trickles down to the other aspects of your life ( like weight loss).

Anonymous said...

This is nuts! You can not lose weight when you are in so much stress! Your body is going to keep holding on to any weight right now. As for work. If you and your co workers don't stop what is happening there they are going to continue doing what they are doing to you all. Read your work books. I'm not sure what form of work you do but you are entitled to breaks and to go to the bathroom!
I'm in Mass. Six hours you get a 10 min and a 20 mins lunch. 8 hours you get a 15 min and a 30 min lunch break. And so on.

The more power you give these bosses the more they are going to take and the more your body will not lose the weight. Anyone going through that high of stress will tell you that you have to get work life in control. Then eating. And on top of that looking for a new house where the market is RIDICULOUS right now! Who can afford a house that normally would be 200 thou and now 300 +...

Slow down. Take a breath and start with the work flow... which is not flowing......

Good luck!!

Lynn said...

Is there any way you can find a new job? That sounds terrible.

Paula C said...

Stress is terrible. It simply steals our happiness. I would be send out resume. Everyone says there is tons of jobs with great pay. You will find a house. It can take time to find it. Weight loss is hard. I am having a heck of a time. But I know it is possible. We just need to keep at it.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

We thought house shopping would be fun and exciting, but it ended up being quite draining and time-consuming. Is this the best time to be taking that on? Of course every situation is different, but it took us 8 months to find a house we both liked. Maybe at least have a plan B if you can't find a house before the lease ends. Is the landlord open to a flexible lease after July, if he or she knows you are looking for a house?

jen said...

I think the job has to go. Less stress on you. I think if you do, your health will benefit in every way.

Mrs Swan said...

Unfortunately, that stress is going to make you hold on to that weight I fear. I feel like you used to like/tolerate your job so I am wondering what changed. I suggest not doing anything off the clock. As they will begin to expect it. Also may be time to start throwing out some feelers for a new job. Of course, the problem with that is house hunting and new job hunting do not work well. I hope your complex will allow a month-to-month or a 6-month lease. Because with the market the way it is house hunting is super hard.

I hope this new week is less stressful.

Mary said...

I know this is unhelpful right now but it would have given me hope back in the day. When I was where you were before the big M, my weight was the highest it had ever been even though I was doing everything the same. Once the factory closed, there was an immediate change. I still get blips but for the most part my weight is easy to maintain. Others have said the same.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Off clock work, isn't that crap? My job as homecare worker, we're assign hours and if we go over. No pay.
So glad you got approve for a new place and hope you find something you both like.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Cathy said...

Get a new job ;-)

The housing market is ridiculous! We put an offer in for a house this week and didn't get it. Our offer was $30k over asking price, and it was smaller than what we really want. I don't know if we'll get a house or not. Oh and the interest rates went up in March, and are supposed to go up again. :-(