Thursday, January 05, 2006

This is the time!!

A few years ago, I decided that I needed to get some weight off. I was the hightest I have ever been. I worked hard for about 6 months and lost about 50 lbs. However, I plateaued and got discouraged. Miraculously, I have been able to retain most of what I lost (within roughly 5 pounds). It is now the time to kick myself into high gear and finish this off. I was going to start the first day of the new year...however, the best laid intentions sometimes don't work. Just tonight, I went to the kitchen and literally threw away the last of my temptation foods that were in the freezer staring me in the face. (Cookie dough....yumm) I've got to do this....for my health!

Meanwhile, we are tying to eat more at home to reduce the spending.....this should help with the budget.....but also with the weight as it is much easier to eat the healthier foods at home.

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