Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I DID IT! I'm a LIFETIME MEMBER of Weight Watchers! I need to go next week so they can officially get me marked in as a lifetimer....but it's all done. I'm there!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO Todd went with me and snapped a few pictures. The first one here is of me up at the scales as I weighed in.
This is a snap of me signing my name to the lifetime board.
And of course my handy dandy 10% key chain with my charms on it. WOO HOOO!!!!
Well, I thought that the mower saga was over. Not hardly. This morning I went out to mow. The grass was dry, but the ground is just plain and simple saturated. (I had the same problem last week) SO I was being careful. At one point I was swinging around in the mower on a very slight grade. The mower started to slide and I kinda slide into the front deck/porch. Uhhh yeah, I dented up the mower something fierce. I'm OK, the porch is OK (only a mark on the support post) and the mower (other than being dented on the front end) is OK. I actually finished mowing after the 'wreck'. What's next though?? I told Todd he didn't believe me at first. He took it well....could it be because it was only 5 or 6 months ago that he backed up and hit my car (the car that had just come back from the auto body shop after getting the side fixed where the deer had run into me). So he dinged and dented up TWO cars!

Sad..my weight watcher meeting is closing. They are taking away the meeting that I attend. Tis no wonder...the leader was...uhhh...lackluster. The only problem..that was the only meeting that I could/can consistently get to each week at my center. To attend a meeting regularly, I'll have to switch centers (I think this other place has one that I can get to each week). Other than that, I'll simply float from meeting to meeting. Who knows! SO a bit of a downer at my lifetime meeting.


Deborah said...


You are so pretty.

Glad you're okay after your little wreck.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! A HUGE CONGRATS GOES OUT TO YOU!!!! Lifetime is a huge deal and I am so happy for you...

You have to kind of giggle at the lawn mower thing, in the grand scheme it's not that big of a deal AND you got the lawn done anyway.

It's hard to change meetings. I am so attached to my leader I am thankful she's not "lackluster" LOL.

Congrats again! You're an inspiration.

Donna B said...

I knew you would do it. Keep up the good work. I noticed your slider and it still looks like you want to lose 19 more pounds? You look great!

Thanks for the cookie recipe. YUMMM chocolate!

Michelle said...

WOO-HOO!! I so wish all your blogger buddies could have been there. We would have cheered so loud for you!! Congrats :)