Friday, January 01, 2021

The Challenge for 2021

 Happy New Years!  I am smiling as I welcome 2021!  I have plans and goals for this year and I can't wait to have success!!!!  I am planning on doing this with an immense challenge to myself!!

I actually attempted this same challenge in 2017...but then Jason and I both switched jobs and added a HUGE commute that ate up our time for evening walks and the challenge fell by the wayside.  I am going to attempt it again!

The year is 2021 and I have set a goal to walk/run/hike/bike 2021 miles!  I had the chance to do it as a team and I honestly pondered this. But I want a challenge!  (Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment!)

2021 miles in 2021...that is about 5.5 miles a day!

2021 miles in 2021....that is 168.41 miles a month! 

That is a whole lot of miles for anyone!  Especially for this girl who is barely walking 5,000 steps a day as it is and struggles to reach that goal!  I am counting on using the exercise bike to help boost my miles in the off season.   During bike season I know that our outdoor bike rides will help accumulate miles pretty quickly!

I have my new (well a few weeks old now) Fitbit Sense  (Affiliate Link) to  help me along on this journey and I am ready!!!! I am also ready to rock that Exercise bike I got last year (The Schwinn IC3...Amazon Affiliate link)

Wish me luck!  It's going to be difficult!  I am also giving you permission to ask me about my challenge111


jen said...

What an awesome challenge....I’m thinking I need something like this !!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That is a challenge. I was going to attempt 1200 miles but I am going to join you on this. Perhaps it will get me back on my bike. I run and do Total Gym. This Fall I walked and ran and covered 25-35 miles a week. Winter is tough since I am on my treadmill and I can only take that so much. I gained weight this week so I am drawing my line in the sand. I am changing my diet. I am going to lose this weight once and for all.

Paula C

Mrs Swan said...

Wooow you set some pretty big goals there missy. LOL I hope that you are on track to meet them as this comment is made.