Monday, January 04, 2021

Out with the old

I was ready  and excited for this new start!!!!  So ready to get to 2021 and get this weight loss journey rolling!

I really struggled the last two weeks of 2020.  I just struggled.  I kept saying ‘today is the day, I’m getting back on track.’ But I kept saying that every day and it never happened!   Eventually I vowed to work to hold steady and come January first there would be no more badness.  No if’s ands or bird, I would be back on track!!!!  I would get back on track on January first.  It was going to be my new start.  I would kick off my weight loss journey way and rock out the year 2021!

The first of January loomed.  I remained a bit nervous, because my challenge for the year is huge!  If you missed it, I challenged myself to walk/hike/run/bike 2021 miles in the year 2021.  That is a lot of miles for a sedentary person such as myself!   But amidst that nervousness, I felt excitement and hope for the year ahead.   

The excitement came from the determination and readiness to get back on track and feel good. I want my body to feel good!  I’m tired of aching.  I’m tired of waking up and feeling sick because I overate the night before.  I’m ready to feel good!   The hope comes from the fact that I KNOW this can be done.  Will it be easy?  Of course not!  But I know it can be done!!

January 1 came around and I stepped on the scale!  I took a picture of the scale to commemorate the new year and my start for 2021. I wasn’t happy with the number but it is mine and I own it!  And anyway,It will be changing!!!

I showered and moved to the couch to hang put and enjoy a quiet holiday morning.  It wasn’t long before I realized that... ‘Dangit, I need to ride the exercise bike and I already showered’.  I sat there for a few minutes.  But then I decided that dilly dallying....second guessing...delaying the ride would only set me up for failure!  Because you and I both know that if I don’t get my miles right off the bat the first day of the year then the chances of me giving up on this challenge is much greater!  I didn’t want to start the year behind and risk the chance of giving up.  So off I went to the office and the exercise bike!

I rode hard!  It was hot!  But I did the 5.5 miles that I needed!  I rode so hard and got so hot that when I was done I was really dizzy and sick to my stomach.   I tried to get a picture of the stats but I KNEW I needed to lay down and immediately!   That feel passed as I cooled down!   And I got smart...on day two I opened the window for a bit of a breeze!   

But how is my eating?  I am starting out strong there too!   Right in line!

So I am off to a fine start! I didn’t slow down and kept going!  


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I hate to get all sweaty right after a shower too! Awesome job getting up and getting that bike ride done. I am doing a similar challenge called Run the Year, to run 2021 miles this year. I joined a team though to split up the miles, so I sort of cheated, ha ha.

Sarah said...

So proud of you! Sorry I've been missing for a bit, but have been over here in my corner quietly watching lol. Love your challenge for this year. You can do it!

jen said...

wooohooooo, good on you, you have started got this!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Tues is my main weigh in day. The 5th of January is my start of the new year. But I been down this road so long. Here to all those who on journey of better health.
Coffee is on and stay safe

MaryFran said...

Yay! Can’t wait to see how you do!!! I thought about doing the team. But 1...I didn’t know anyone and 2. Bike miles rack up faster than run miles! So I figured that 5 miles a day (20-30 minutes on a bike) wouldn’t be that bad!!!

MaryFran said...

Never apologize for missing anything! I have weeks upon weeks where I struggle to comment and stay up to date also!!!

MaryFran said...

It’s a huge undertaking and part of me is telling to quit now!

MaryFran said...

Happy new year!

Mrs Swan said...

I would say I would join your team but I don't know if I am woman enough to do that. LOL Even split that is 1010.5 miles which are 2.77 miles a day. I am actually probably decently close to that. Let's see. 12 days In which is 33.24 miles. Subtract what I have purposely walked/rode and I am at a deficit of 13.13. Ahh yes, I have been moving most days just not blogging. I could totally make up 7 miles of that alone today... Hmmm.

Maybe I do need to do this too.