Monday, December 10, 2018

MIA: here I am

Ok, so I missed posting on Friday...oops!  It wasn’t because I have given up or anything like that.  Life just was crazy last week!  
 Last week was a blur.  I had off Monday...Tuesday and Wednesday were my last days on my old team at work.    On Wednesday I had multiple meetings concerning my new team.  Thursday and Friday were the first days of training.  So just crazy!

The weekend rolled around and we were happy for the time to relax!

  I was really happy because my official weigh in day showed me down about a pound.  Not exactly on target for the 10 pounds I want to lose in December...but down!   I’ll take it!!!

However.....the weekend was sure to bring lots of food....birthday cake/treats.  Really?   I wasn’t giving up eating a little treat for my own birthday!!!  

We went away...grand plans to hike a lot.  Well that didn’t happen...a late start and some planned stops and. Visits along the way and we decided to just hike on Sunday.   We made our way south and checked into our hotel.  The idiot owner had left the windows open...the room was as cold inside as it was outside...20°!   We cranked the heat but got totally chilled as we waited for the heat to warm everything up.  No problem...we would just take really hot showers to warm up!   Except that there was no hot water!   (Barely lukewarm) That was the straw that broke the camels back...we got a refund and made a switch to a different hotel.  

Sunday we both woke up feeling icky....and where we wanted to hike was closed due to an impending storm. Well then.....we gave up and went home and curled up on the couch.

Today, my actual birthday and we are hanging out...both off  work.  We are both still ‘snotty’ but plan on heading out to hit some stores and run some errands...before coming home to curl up on the couch and watch movies.  Not an exciting way to celebrate your 46th birthday...but just what we want....maybe the earlier plans falling through were a blessing in disguise!!!

I did get my birthday gift from Jason while we were in Virginia...a new good chain to replace the one I lost on his birthday weekend!

You can kinda see it in this picture sparkling on my neck!!


*My Stalker Is Fat* said...

Happy birthday! What a disappointing experience with that hotel. Glad you got a refund!

jesseybell said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry about all the issues over the weekend, but I hope you have a wonderful, cozy, relaxing day off!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you both have today off from work and can enjoy it together. :)

SANRDJ said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your time off

jen said...

Happy Birthday.....

p.s. Love the pic, you look so happy.

Lynn said...

You were together and that's what counts!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday. Love the necklace!