Wednesday, December 12, 2018

47: COULD versus WILL

Year 47 has started for me.  Yes...I just celebrated my 46th birthday and that ushered in the beginning of year 47. What will this year hold for me?  Will it be full of victories or will it be continual failure at weight loss?   I have some suspicious about what the year may hold for me in terms of personal life and some of those things are out of my control....I’ve just been given hints!   But  what about the things that I control?

I was thinking about this the other day.  Next Christmas I COULD be sitting here writing a post about how I am reaching my goal weight.  Why is a doable goal.  I am about 60-70 pounds from my lowest ever adult weight.  That is quite doable in a year!  WILL I?   

Next year I COULD be in incredible shape. I COULD get off my butt and start running....even if it is after the dark...colder than an icebox!  I COULD become an absolute demon in my new mountain bike, attacking any trail with confidence and ease.  (Or at least handle more trails than I do now!!). I COULD be a hiking fool with lots of miles on my boots.    WILL I???

I am in control of all of these things.  I could do them all!  I am totally capable of losing weight.  I am totally capable of running a bit in the dark, and even the cold. I am also capable of getting on my bike and learning the skills needed to progress.  I am capable of hiking so many miles that I need to replace those boots!   I want to.....I just need to do it!

We have talked here about some changes that we are talking about implementing that will help with these ‘could’ do things.  I’m even excited about some of these ideas and I will share them as we work on these ideas.  

So how has year 47 started?    I have been kinda off the rails.  Not as bad as you is the ‘once a year’ treat I get.   A special makes them every year for me....because the cookies as she says are ‘a labor of love’ due to the work involved. She has a customer (farmers market customer) that loves them...but she still only makes them once a year.  She gives /sells him a dozen and gives me the rest.   This guy actually reminded her at the beginning of December that ‘it’s your daughters birthday I’ll take the extra dozen again’.  He even called the weekend of my birthday to see if she had actually made them before he headed to the market that morning.  They are good!  I have been eating some cookies.  Ok a lot of these cookies.   It really is a ‘once a year’ treat.  They will be gone though tonight and then back to healthier living.   (Ok so I’m not totally unhealthy...still eating fruits and veggies with my meals and such....just cookies also).

I predict that year 47 is going to be one of success!!!!


mxtodis123 said...

It's a once a year treat. Enjoy. They do sound delicious and I would probably do the same. In fact, I am already planning on it. Once a year I do a Fiji's order for our Christmas sweets and in the order I always get myself some breakfast goodies...special breads and jams. Just going to enjoy them and then get back on track.

Sarah said...

Once a year treats are totally acceptable. Especially special ones made by mom.

This is going to be a great year of progress and success. I can lose 40 pounds in a year, right?

jesseybell said...

Happy Birthday again and hope this coming year is everything you want it to be!

MaryFran said...

That’s my plan....I only have two more cookies to savor!!! Then back on track!!

MaryFran said... can!!! This is the year!!!

MaryFran said...


Diane M said...

Please Mary Fran- I gotta know - what kind of cookies did your mom make you?