Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Not giving up

I feel like I am spinning my wheels and getting nowhere!   My weight is not moving.  My best intentions for exercise and activity don’t pan out. I’m just spinning and twisting aimlessly in the wind!

Let’s start with exercise.  We decided and vowed to get back to our after work bike rides this week.  Starting Monday.   It’s Wednesday and we haven’t done it yet!  Why?   Well it’s a valid’s been raining constantly for days....again!   I vowed to get serious about walking on my breaks and lunch again.   And I haven’t.  Why?  It’s raining!  But then again I said I could walk in the parking garage.  Why haven’t I?   Well a comedy of day the sole of my shoe came loose and was only hanging on by a walking was loud and a bit dangerous as that sold flapped around. So stuff like that.   I had a thought the other day that I need to just wake up early and ride the bike trainer.  I vowed to do it on Tuesday...and forgot to set my alarm.   Tuesday night I remembered but the thought of waking up earlier (I was so tired) ...wellbit didn’t happen!!!

My eating is spot on!   I’m holding my calories right around 1200-1300 calories.   I’ve added in some protein at lunch as recommended by a friend.   My weight just sits within the same 3-4 pound range that I’ve been sitting at for the last almost two months!  

I know I’m on the right path.   My relationship with food and the aspect of learning to live with food and not let it rule me is my goal right now.   I don’t want to sit back and always eat bad but I also know that I need some indulgence in my life.   A healthy relationship is my goal.    I know my weight will catch up with my slow and steady efforts.   But until then...well I just have to keep my chin up!


Enz said...

Giving up is not an option!

MaryFran said...

No it’s not!!!!!

*My Stalker Is Fat* said...

Have you ever tried something like Leslie Sansone indoor walking workouts, for when you can't walk outside? I don't know if you have a place to do those workouts during your lunch, but some days, for whatever reason, from being busy to not getting up early enough to having too much to do after work, doing those workouts during my lunch was the only option I had. Since I am inside, on carpet, I just take my shoes off in my office and go to town :)

MaryFran said...

About the only thing I can do inside on my breaks is climb the stairwells...which I did some last winter! I do have a few of the Leslie sans one videos though. I will have to pull them out!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting a healthy relationship with food is a huge part of the key. Dont feel guilty because of things out of your control like the weather. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.