Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Scales are stupid: and other stupid things

This is the politically incorrect post.  I will be calling myself all sorts of  things I’m sure!   And I will be sharing a bit of a victory...even on the stupid scales!   But really, stupidity  is what is the theme!  Scales are stupid!  Pictures and cameras and people are stupid!!!  They are all my nemesis!!!   I have had experiences with all in the last few days and all I can say is...they are stupid!!

Scales are Stupid

I weigh myself every day.  I do it because I want to know the fluctuations.  I have always had this fear that if I only weigh once a week that I’ll be having a high weight day on my official weigh in day...the one day of the week maybe, and I won’t get my true weight.  I want to know if the ‘high weight’ is a one day fluke or a true weight.  I also find myself panicking more if I don’t know how I’m doing.    

Seriously, weighing every day shows how stupid the scales are!  There really is is no rhyme or reason sometimes to what they say!   I have been spot on the last few days...limiting my carbs...good level of calories...etc and the scales go up?  Senseless!

In order to not get so totally bummed out with the fluctuations, I have started to look at my weigh in terms of ‘range’.    I look at my low weigh fans as long as I am within three pounds of that I consider it a maintain!   Monday and Tuesday , even though I was up a bit from my low, I was still well within that range.  So I was maintaining even though the scales were jumping all over the place!    And I am seeing the lower numbers a few times a week.  And the low numbers are slowly dropping lower and lower.  As in today.....today, Wednesday I saw 243.4....a new low (which means my three pound range changed...a maintain is anything from 243.4 to 246.4).   So I know I’m on the right path.  But seriously...scales are stupid!!!

Pictures are stupid

I wrote a few days ago that I joined an 8 week challenge   As part of this challenge I had to take pictures of myself.  Front view, side view and back view.  I did this last night...and uploaded them.  When I saw the pictures I was so disgusted!  How did I let myself get here?  What realm of fantasy have I been living in to think that I didn’t look ‘too fat’?    It was bad.  So bad that I don’t even want to post them here!

My self loathing began as soon as I saw them.   Seriously bad self loathing...wondering why Jason loves me.  Wondering why I even bother.  Wondering what in the world have I been thinking...I am so dumb!   

It has to change!!!!!   I have actually changed my diet recently I am working on it… I just need to not hate myself for letting me get to this point again.

People are stupid

So this weekend we went bike shopping for me. We went into one little bike shop and he asked what kind of bike I wanted to buy.  I told him a mountain bike for trails.   He walked me to the cruisers and told me all about the C&O canal ‘trail’.  When I corrected him and told him that I had a bike for the canal, but needed a mountain bike for real trails he just started to laugh.  Literally laughed in my face.  And repeated my request  incredulously!!!  Really?  Is it that odd for an overweight person to buy a mountain bike?  And furthermore...how absolutely rude are you.  And it was the owner of the shop!!!!   He didn’t carry any bikes that would work for me...he was primarily a repair shop....but even if he did...I wouldn’t be back.  I don’t need more of his shock and awe over my fat body riding a bike!    He he was stupid!!!

OK, I think all of my stupid things are out of me and I have vented enough. I actually am very proud of myself for the way I have been eating the last week or two.  And I’m tickled that my weight dropped again today!!    My body feels pretty good for the most part with what I’m eating. My downfall is still that snacktime right after I get home from work.But I am also working on that. On Monday  I ate two big marshmallows… So I didn’t exactly eradicate the snack but I’m going to say to giant marshmallows are much healthier than a bowl of chips! So a step in the right direction.


mxtodis123 said...

So many little things can interfere with scale weight--hormones, too much salt the day before, inflammation. I have my weigh in tomorrow and am concerned because lately my osteoarthritis has been kicking my butt; hence, my body is loaded with inflammation. I just don't want to have to pay, but if I do, then so be it. As for pictures, mirrors are just as bad for me. Last week's meeting we were discussing self-esteem and it hit me. I lost 53 pounds, yet I still see the 'me' before the weight loss when I look in the mirror. That is something I really have to work on.

MaryFran said...

How we see ourselves is so crazy. In my experience, it’s always warped and wrong!

I didn’t even think about arthritis causing weight gain...(inflammation/water retention)!!! On Sunday I could barely walk due to arthritis in my knee!!!!

Wendy said...

Yes, scales ARE kind of stupid, and so are some people LOL! Sorry that bike shop owner was such a jerk. Screw him, he just lost at least two customers with his rudeness.

*My Stalker Is Fat* said...

The guy at the bike shop was a total ass. Forget about him, and take your business somewhere that the people have manners and common sense.

I refuse to take pictures of myself until I am pretty much at goal weight! I have been disappointed too many times in the past, thinking I should look way better in pictures than I actually do. You are right, scales and pictures and certain bike shop owners are stupid.

MaryFran said...

You better believe it!! I will never set foot back in his store!!!!

MaryFran said...

The only good thing about stupidpictures....it CAN make us more motivated!!!

Is it wrong of me to hope the stupid bike shop goes out of business???

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

OH HELL NO!!! That guy is BEGGING for a Yelp review. Want me to do it?

Lynn said...

I have days when I think everything is stupid.i think a weight range is a really good idea. You're doing great!

MaryFran said...

Thanks! The weight range is working for me to help the scales lose their power over me

Sarah said...

The list of stupid things during a weight loss journey is long. Stupid scales, stupid pictures, Stupid people, stupid cravings, stupid self hate, stupid exercise.... and on and on.

Why is this so hard?

jen said...

That guy in the store...I would have bitch slapped!!! How rude !!!!

I am with you on the stupid scales....and stupid stupid me !!!

MaryFran said...

You know what? I didn’t even think of a review! I’m so going to do it!!!

MaryFran said...

I know! I want this to be easy! I keep trying to tell myself that I’ll appreciate it more because of the difficulty and perserverance this takes!!

MaryFran said...

We at least are fixable! Scales will always be stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

we all have starting points and sometimes figuring things out takes a bit. But the main thing is you're working through it, getting a grip on it, not quitting that's something to be proud of.