Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tri Colored foam where are you??????

arrrgggghhhh     Stupid scales.   Yes, I was up.  I figured I would be.  I had assumed that some of my weight loss from last week was due to 'fever weight loss'  I had been hoping to hang onto some of it....and it had looked like I had managed to hang onto most of it.  But then my official weigh in....grrrr  nope!  I was still down about two pounds from the previous weigh in....but still up from last week.  No worries......I know that some of it is the monthly water retention dealio.

Meanwhile.  As I mentioned, I ran on Tuesday!  Go me!

Wednesday I was only scheduled to work until noon.  I hooked up with my friend for lunch and then headed to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

where I walked a few miles and enjoyed the AWESOME weather!

It felt so good to get outside in this wonderful weather!  I was and am so over winter weather that these days of fabulous upper 70's temps has been very welcome!    I can start to see the green new growth popping up here and there and it excites me quite a bit!!!!!

After my long walk, I headed to the car wash.  My car was DIRTY.  I was so disappointed.  They are supposed to have tri colored foam.  This is NOT tri colored foam! The lack of the tri colored foam makes me want to cry!!!!!     But at least my car is clean!

See, this is how it is SUPPOSED to look!!!

A few errands/stops at stores later and I was home for the afternoon/ evening.   I had eaten a large lunch and actually blown quite a few calories on lunch so I kept my dinner lower on the calorie count.   I was a bit high on my calorie count...coming in at a total of 1504 calories.  But I am counting it a victory because I SOOOOO wanted something sweet after my lower calorie dinner.     It wasn't that I was hungry...I just wanted!   I ignored that sweet tooths call and guess what?   I was fine!  (and lets not forget that I was out walking and moving for a few if I include my earned calories I was still under goal!) 

I woke up was  Thursday and if I remember correctly, on Monday I wrote a blog post and set a few goals for my week. of those goals was to run at least twice....once on Tuesday (check)  and one on Thursday.    Yup....even though I had an offer to go to breakfast I remembered that goal and I said no to breakfast and strapped myself into my running shoes and off I went!   I actually ran slower than Tuesday.  Go figure.  I wonder why?   Who knows... I did feel like I was a turtle running through peanut butter.   So, I knew I was slow even while I was running!  Oh well....who cares.  I was out there working it!    Slow is 100% better than laying in bed thinking about running.   Slow is 150% better than indulging in a fattening breakfast!   Slow is a victory!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                  Meanwhile, my poor little toe's the 'little piggy that had none' on my right side.  (yeah, think about the nursery rhyme and then you will know which toe I mangled up!)  This little toe is black and blue and swollen.  It's feeling a bit better and the swelling is going down.  Yeah, maybe that affected my run today.  That and my right hip has been aching a bit lately.  I haven't been sure what is up with my hip...I was originally thinking it was just arthritis.....but the other week Jason massaged it and now I'm thinking now that it is muscular in nature. (What makes me think that?  Just how the pain in my hip was intense for the first few minutes as he massaged...but then eased up and felt wonderful for a bit until it stiffened up again)  Hmmmm  maybe I need to research stretches to work that area and stretch it out really good.  

So I am thus far on track with my goals for the week....well the water is so so.  I'll have to work on that one!  :-)


Lori said...

The hip expert here to help -Where exactly is the pain? In the front, on the side? I can probably give you an exercise to do for it.
PS email me directly at if you don't want to answer publicly.

Anna said...

You make me laugh! I had to sing it a couple times before I worked out which toe it was :) Seriously, I think my husband would have a stroke if he saw that tri-colored foam on our new white car!! Hope you get some relief for that hip.

Shelley said...

I didn't know car washes offered such pretty foam! Of course my car wash is my husband...should I tell him he's slacking in the foam department? LOL, probably not if I want to keep getting my car washed!

Lynn said...

That's a great picture of you.

Lynn said...

That's a great picture of you.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Sorry about your toe:(

I've never given up breakfast to do ANYTHING, so I'm most impressed that you passed it up for a run!!!

Denise said...

you always make me smile.

#fatfreefloozy said...

I never thought that I would be a runner, but now it is my favourite part of boot camp! I love it! It is in short spurts, but I'm thinking that this is the start of working up to something a little longer. Baby steps.