Monday, March 28, 2016

Changed fortunes

Wow....I am not even going to talk about my goals from last week.   It was ugly!   

Ok, I will still talk about it!  But let me put off that 'pain' for a while.

Thursday evening I was able to get in a walk with Sherry.  It was great to see her!    Saturday Jason and I headed up to Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania.  

What a pretty park!  :-)    We explored the Appalachian Trail Museum and explored around the park for a bit...and managed to get in a bit of a hike before our time ran out.  

On Sunday the wind was whipping and  it was cold!   We really were not feeling the need to go up on top of a mountain to hike.  Yeah, we have hiked in cooler temps...but the last few weeks of warm has TOTALLY spoiled us.  We spent a bit of time exploring but then went down to Gettysburg and had some fun hitting the touristy shops in Gettysburg.

Zoltar spoke to us.   Seriously...if you've seen the movie BIG how could you NOT want to have your picture taken with Zoltar!!!

Ok ok we also risked the "BIG" phenomenon (ha ha ha) and got our fortune.  Sadly, the speakers were set REALLY low and we had to get really close to hear!

And of course MY fortune.  (Yes, Jason got his own!)

So I have delayed enough......

My goals for this past week!

1.  Water    I totally  nailed this one!!!  Lots of water down the hatch each day!  The lowest day was probably only 90 ounces or so!  WIN WIN WIN

2.  Run at least 2 times    Fail....Big time fail.  No run at all!

3.  A  Track I totally nailed this.  I tracked EVERY bite!!!!

     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget   I totally failed this one!   BIG TIME FAIL!    

And it was NOT healthy food!

4.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!    Yeah...NOT 

So what is on tap for this week????     I will be busy with normal life things and I will also be busy getting ready to go to Charleston, SC.  Yes, the Cooper River Bridge Run is this upcoming Saturday!   I am woefully unprepared.  I am looking forward to seeing Sue....even if the forecast is currently calling for rain EVERY DAY!      I am however dreading not seeing Jason for a few days!!!!!   

Goals for this week? 

1.  TRACK every day
2.  TRY to make better choices in my eating to keep my calorie count lower
3.  Cut back on the Diet Soda that is slowly creeping back into my life.  
4.  Do my best with the 10k...and enjoy my time


Lynn said...

Have fun at the 10k!

Lynn said...

Have fun at the 10k!

jesseybell said...

Have a fun trip - enjoy the run!

Lori said...

It wasn't a total fail. You nailed two. Build on that success and don't discount all the hiking. That conditions the heart too.

Enjoy the trip.

#fatfreefloozy said...

Have fun! Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Good job on the water - that is definitely the one that I would have failed at!