Monday, March 21, 2016


I don't want to write this today.  I've delayed doing it.  I've contemplated NOT writing today.  Because we all know....if we don't write it then it didn't happen right? 

Soooo lets back track.  Last Wednesday I wrote  about running and how I persevered through running on Tuesday but then even though I walked 6 miles that day.   I also talked about my food intake that day and how I ate too much food.   GRRR

 I DID get up and run Thursday morning and ran!!!

However, otherwise, it didn't get better.   Food wise I skirted with disaster!   I was over my 1200 calorie goal EVERY  day.  One day I only missed it by 50 that was a victory.  Two days I was in the 1300 not too bad on those.   Some of those days I ate least ran or hiked.  However......the weather turned and well.......   Ok, so here are the week stats.  The one on the left is the TOTAL calories.  The screenshot on the right is the net calories including what I earned.  

I have been doing GREAT with pounding the water.  My water intake has been spectacular of late!!!  I've been consistently going over 100 ounces daily!

So as for my goals that I set last Monday.  

1.  Water             TOTAL VICTORY!!!!
2.  Run at least 2 times (preferably 3!)    Definitely got two runs in!!   VICTORY!!!
3.  A  Track  I tracked EVERY BITE
     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget (not eating too many of my earned calories!)   FAIL
4.  Hike and walk.   Yes, got this one much as schedule and weather allowed
5.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!   FAIL

You know...the goals for next week are going to be the same.   I will be taking hiking off the list.  Not because I don't want to hike/walk or don't plan on hiking/walking...but that one is dependent upon the weather, scheduling and whatnot.  

1.  Water             
2.  Run at least 2 times    
3.  A  Track  
     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget 
4.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!  

Better luck this week!!!!


Lori said...

It is funny how one little thing messes us up and then we think all is lost. The weather often messes me up when it turns cool after being nice. So, you went over a little on calories. When I look at the goals you set for the week, I see more goals met than not. That is a victory!

jesseybell said...

You tracked - that is a HUGE win!!
I give up tracking when I go over (which is always these days) - I know tracking regardless is key. I need to be able to do that.

And getting up to run - great win!!!!

Shelley said...

I wonder if your calorie level is a little too low, which is why you end up going over it so often...I mean, 50 calories over 1200 is not a lot, but I hate that you are chastising yourself so often over it. I mean, it's one thing if you're eating ridiculous junk to overdo it, but if you're just eating, well then maybe you could change your target calories? Just a thought...

JenBsJourney said...

I agree with Shelley above (and I must admit I AM eating ridiculous junk when I overdo it). I really think you are doing good! I used a stair stepper ONCE ... and I don't think I'll be doing it again, it was HARD!

Darcy Winters said...

Your 1200 is too low of a calorie intake for you with your activity level. Go to calculator (dot) net or another site that has a calorie intake calculator. For me to LOSE weight - it says that I should be taking in around 1900 calories a day. I believe Jenny Craig won't let people go below 1500.