Monday, June 10, 2013


 This morning I did something that I've been saying that I was going to do.  I actually went out onto our screened in porch and scrubbed down our weight machine.  I didn't stop there.  I went out and actually lifted a bit...working on my upper body today.    My plan is three times a week to put at least 20 minutes of upper body strength training into the books.  Ohh I also did sit ups on my stability ball!   Not that I want to add anything more to my exercise routine, but I NEED to!

I lost weight this week. Another 1.5 pounds bites the dust!  Yay!!!  218.8 is the figure.  It's dropping...that number too will soon be history!

I continue to push myself....I like the unexpected amazement at what my body can REALLY do when asked!  It truly is amazing.  I may ache.  I may be tired....but I'm happy with the level of fitness that my creaky old body has been able to achieve.  Who knows what the future holds (I still haven't thrown out that half marathon idea).

Meanwhile, my plan is to run tomorrow morning and zumba in the evening.  Wednesday morning I will be running.  I was planning on riding, but my coworker wants to run with me.  YIPPEE  someone to run with!  That sounds better than awesome! So I am running.  I will also be doing my weights that morning.  The current plan (in my mind at least) is to ride on Wednesday evening (versus zumba).   Thursday will be my day of rest this week as I will be doing a long day trip to the NYC area with a friend that has a doctors appointment and needs company in the car.  I may get some walking in (maybe while she's at her appointment) but overall it's going to be my rest day.  Friday I'm walking with Sherry.  Saturday I've already talked to my mom and dad and I will still be able to run on Saturday even though I'll be in Hagerstown.  Sunday I'll walk with Sherry and ride!  I've got my plan and I'm good!

This is poor (not so pretty and a bit overweight with a tiny pin head) Winnifred (Winny). She is trying to read the book Born to Run.  I think she would benefit from a little running, poor little fat cat!


westmetromommy said...

I'm not a huge fan of strength training either, but I know how important it is. I've been doing Body Pump at my gym (for me, I need a class, or I won't do it!) and I definitely see results. That alone keeps me going!

timothy said...

love how organized/energized you are! keep up the good work!

A Strong New Me said...

I didn't like strength training until I forced myself to do it and started to feel muscle in my arms and legs. Then I started to like it better than cardio!

Your cat looks like she does not appreciate the comments about her weight! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have a lot going on. I currently cannot work out so it sounds like a lot to me. I so hope that I can run one day. I have always wanted to and even had dreams about. You are doing awesome.