Sunday, June 09, 2013

Facing my Nemesis

I'm baaaaaack!   This past week has been terrible.  I didn't eat totally out of control.  I didn't go totally offline in my exercise  However, it wasn't a stellar week.  I scraped by.  I'm not saying that my just barely scraping week was a good thing, but maybe I needed it. 

This morning I woke up at 6 and drug myself out of bed.  I got a nice run in.  It wasn't overly fast and it wasn't overly long but I faced down my nemesis!   You see, when I run on the battlefield I usually plan my run so that I am not running up too many hills.  I will run down them but I have avoided them like the plague.  Today I purposely searched out those hills and hit them full steam ahead going UP.   On the one hill I have to admit that my breathing went all catawompus and crazy...but I got to the top and I did not stop and I didn't not walk.  I kept going and decided to see if my breathing would regulate on it's own.  Guess what?  It did and pretty quickly!  :-)

I got back to my car and I pulled out my breakfast  I enjoyed my picnic lunch while I waited for Sherry to arrive.  I had just barely finished eating and she rolled up.  We walked and actually pushed our walk a mile longer and boy, I think we covered every possible conversation!  :-)

Lo and behold, always be never know who you may run into whilst out exercising!!!!!!!!

So after my exercise, I showered and Todd and I headed down to Harper's Ferry.  We walked around for a bit, ate some lunch and had fun.  We headed home and did some work around here, mowing, picking strawberries and peas (of which I had to shell, blanch and freeze) and all sorts of stuff.   I prepared 5 lunches for my work week and did a bunch of other stuff around here.  It was a busy active day!


Anonymous said...

Is'nt it fun to see how your heart CAN recover when you have been training. Good job running up those hills!

Michele said...

Just joined your blog. Keep up the good efforts and un!

timothy said...

sounds like a great day to me! glad you conquered those hills , every time you accomplish something you get a little stronger mentally as well as physically! WOOT!

Eesh said...

Great job on the run. I have yet to get my breathing together. It's the only thing that's "sabotaging" me!

I loved your active wear. You're so cute!


twogirlsmama76 said...

So much fun!