Friday, May 24, 2013

Shoe snobbery

Vacation is rolling along.   I've not eaten perfectly by any means.  I've struggled some.  Tuesday was the worst day. Yesterday was shaping up to be bad also.  We were down in VA for the day and stopped for lunch.  For some reason I ordered without first putting in my calories in I didn't track until after I sat there stuffed and sated with food.....and then I realized that 1. I had no calories for dinner and I was in fact already 150 calories over budget.  And 2. I had only eaten one serving of fruit/veggie....I was sorely behind.

I pulled it together.   We got home and I went for a quick run and then walked a few miles.  It earned me enough calories to take me out of the  deficit and to give enough to eat dinner.  What did I have???  Fruits and veggies of course!  

Wednesday I did great and exercised a lot.  

Sometimes though, I just don't recognize myself.  I was heading into Zumba on Wednesday evening (I did a double...woohoo) and I leaned into the back seat to get my toning sticks....and my back seat looks ..well it's all exercise equipment.
So I get home and I kick off my shoes into the pile and literally start to laugh.  When did I become one of 'those' people.  I used to think one pair of tennis shoes was sufficient for all my needs.  Now I have. Zumba shoes, running shoes, biking shoes, regular tennis I shoes for everyday wear...etc.  I'm going crazy!!  (In a good way!)                
Vacation is starting to wind down.  Including today I've got four more days until I return to work.   Booooo!!!   However, it is so much easier to exercise and eat healthy when I'm in a daily routine!   So for that reason alone I will be happy to return to work.  

All this said, I'm thinking that this week will be a bust weight wise.  I am up a bit on the scales. Part of that is the monthly pop on the scales...but still.  I'm holding on and doing the best I can.  I've said all along that I would be ecstatic with a maintain this week....right now I'm second guessing even that and just hoping to not totally blow it and have a huge gain.  That said, I'm totally trying to see good things on the scale this week regardless of vacation!


timothy said...

do NOT stress over it, stress will cause a gain. enjoy yourself and do some zumba for me, I have to get into that head space where you are (so jealous) and walk my talk and move my fat butt!

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I love the picture of the back of your car, full of workout gear!

It's great you are staying so active on vacation and logging your calories.