Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hot Dog!

I was so happy with my weight the last few days (because it was looking like I was going to hit my 30 pounds gone this year mark...because I was there, just waiting for the official weigh day) and then this morning I stepped on the scales and voila, I was right back up 2 pounds.  What the haymarket?????  Seriously?  I am trying to shrug it off.  I KNOW I woke up once or twice in the middle of the night thirsty and was too darn comfy to get up and get a drink.  Waking up thirsty is not a good sign, so hopefully it really is just water retention.  (and yes, when I wake up thirsty my weight is usually up...but not two stinkin' pounds!)  Oh  well....shrugging it off.  I'm healthier than I have been in a while.  I'm happier and more active than I have been in a while.  (Yes, for some reason drowning my sorrows in exercise really is working....the issues are there and  they still depress the living snot out of me...but I just ignore them and go for a run...or go for a ride...or go to zumba.  No worries then...all I can think of then is pushing myself just a little harder).   I saw a negative on the scale today and I'm in no danger of quitting, but there were times in the past that I would have quit just because it hurts and doesn't make sense.  No more....I'm still truckin' onward!

I got up and made breakfast for us. I made breakfast pizza which is supper yummy.  It is a bit high in calories (300 calories  slice)  but I wasn't worried.  You see, I had looked at the weather and decided that I could get in a ride this morning before the weather went south again.

I laced up my biking shoes (oops ratcheted them up as they dont' have laces) carted my bike out the door and headed down the road.  My butt hit the saddle and I wanted to scream.  OUCH!  Apparently the nether regions had not yet had time to recover fully from my last ride.  I briefly thought about cutting my ride from 10 miles down to 5.  But that is SOOOOO cheating and I knew it would ultimately lead me to feeling as if I failed...and honestly, it would have been a failure.  I did 10 on my last ride, I can do 10 today!  I pushed on!  I did the same loop that I did my last ride.   After my last ride my brother asked me how may hills I had to walk.  I honestly answered with an indignanat "none!" (who does he think I am???  Ok, maybe he didn't get the memo that there is a new MaryFran in town!)   I do have to admit though that I stopped three times for a breather/drink.  Yes, I clipped out and feet were on the ground for a breather for no reason other than I wanted to stop. (there was probably two more times that I clipped out that ride due to traffic/stop signs).    I am proud to announce though that today the only time I clipped out of my pedals was when I was crossing a major road.  (the traffic was with me through the other stop signs and turns)   I thought it would be advantagous to clip out and wait until a lull in the traffic...silly me!.  Otherwise, I stopped for nothing.  I may have gone slow up the hills.  I may have crept (the refrain a turtle sludging through peanut butter comes to the forefront of my mind again.....) through some stretches.  But I did it.   The ride was still brutal.  My hands went a bit numb and my arms are just sore.  I'm just plain and simple am used to riding my Trek Nav and well this is different.  I'm trying to loosen up my arms because that helps them, but then my back tenses up.  I know it's just a thing of getting used to a road bike so I'm not too concerned.  Besides, I WILL conquer it!  :-) Anyway, I got home, took the obligatory picture for my blog and called the ride complete. I carted the bike inside.

   I had grand plans to head back out for a run....because well, maybe I'm a glutton for punishment....or maybe I'm just plain and simple nuts.  But after the planned 10 minute break my legs felt heavy and I felt as if there was no way I could even build up to a trot much less a run.    If I waited a bit longer I could probably do it, but I do have a job (drat) and that means I must have time to shower and eat lunch before arriving ready to work at noon.   I walk with Sherry tonight when I get off of work.  Maybe I can try to sneak in a quick jog after we walk.....or if it's stormy and we cancel I'll go to the gym and run on the treadmill (gah, I hate running on the treadmill).    Even if I don't get in my run tonight, i'm not worried.  My bike ride is sufficient exercise for the day...anything else is just for my own mental benefit.    My HR monitor shows that I earned 666 calories.  That's not too shabby if I do say so myself!  :-)  (and yes, for those of you who are curious...I ate TWO pieces of breakfast pizza this morning!!!!!  So I simply burned off my breakfast!)

Where does my title Hot Dog come into play?   Really it doesn't.  I just didn't know what to title this blog post...I was toying with "jingle bells' as a title!  Although there was a little yappy dog that chased me down Sharpsburg Pike on my bike today and it certainly thought it was a 'hot dog'. 


Darcy Winters said...

Since you had an unexpected gain - I bet you will see a two pound loss + one or two more sometime next week.
Plus --- remember ---- muscle weighs more than fat! You are probably getting more muscle from all those workouts!

Eesh said...

Don't sweat it, you'll probably reign supreme the next time you weigh in :)

Sounds like an awesome bike ride...pup and all!


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I hate when the scale has unpleasant surprises! You are doing so great, though. I doubt it's actually a gain of fat or anything but water.

kristi said...

I really hate the scale!