Saturday, March 16, 2013


This past week has been a total lesson in perseverance.  Exercise has not come easily.  I've done it...and I'm proud to say that I did through all the lethargy I managed to  rack up just about 7 hours of exercise between Monday morning and Friday bedtime.  But it was pure will power.  It did not come easily.  It ached, my legs felt heavy and dead.  It was not good.  I took off Thursday from exercise and I was back at it yesterday...just for my run.  Oh my word...I totally fell apart during the run.  I had to stop three or four times and walk.  My breathing got so totally out of whack that I fell apart.  I also attribute my breathing falling apart on some of the lethargy in my legs.  I know that my muscles need good oxygen to be fueled and I know that I was not giving the muscles what they needed (not by choice).

Onward I move though.  I'm taking today off again.  And Tomorrow I'll be back at 'em.   We are going to do a practice 5K because one week from today we will be participating in our 5K.  I've not run a 5k yet.  I've run 2 miles....but not a 5k (which is a hair over 3 miles).  We are OK with what we are doing.  If we have to walk for minute intervals we are OK with it.  We are going to do it...and we know that each time we do do it, we will be bettering ourselves!


Anonymous said...

You can do this. Just keep a positive attitude and you can do anything.

timothy said...

absolutely keep the forward momentum goin and you'll get there, aint goin nowhere if you come to a standstill. VERY proud of you for not stopping............and all those people who called you stubborn thought it was a BAD thing!;) LOLOLOL