Friday, March 15, 2013

Rambling Randomness

I don't have anything to say today.  I know...anyone that knows me in real life is probably wondering if I have a fever because I can usually NEVER not want to talk..  So in lieu of writing a post, I'll write a few bullet points to indicate my day/mood/progress

~  My weight is staying the same.  I'm not seeing my weight go down, so I haven't recouped the gain from last week as of yet.  I'm disgusted but not worried, I'm eating right and doing what I need to be doing.  It will drop.

~ I have a run/jog planned for today.  I just couldn't get moving this morning and then made breakfast.  So I have my clothes and I plan on going immediately following work.  I'm not even going to stop at my house to change...I will change here and go straight to the battlefield to jog (less excuses crop up)

~  My food is on target and has been really good this week. I've been very close to my caloric budge and have exercised and done what I needed to do.

~ My hip is giving me grief.  I've always known that I've had a touch of arthritis in my hip....and it has reared it's ugly head this week.  I'm just going to work to stretch it out keep going.  If I have to slow down my exercise or whatever than I will.  Right now I'm OK.  Health and safety first though.

~  Struggling with a loneliness that is born out of some of the marital issues that I face. It threatens to overwhelm me sometimes and right now is one of them.

~ I'm realizing that I struggle with saying no and standing up for what I want.  I don't want to hurt any ones feelings.  Not sure how I can change...because this truly is a facet of my personality.  I guess as long as I stand up and make sure that my needs are being met and I'm not putting myself low on the totem pole of importance.

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timothy said...

putting myself 1st has always been an issue and it's something we both need to work on. just hang in and hang on the weight will drop. xoxoxoxo