Monday, January 10, 2022

hold onto your socks!!!!

​hold onto your socks, I lost 5.4 pounds the first week of the year!   Woohoo!  I’ll take it, even if I know that it is water retention that I have most likely dropped!

The weekend following my weigh in…I did pretty good! I got my water drinking in.  My calories were under control and I seemed to maintain.  I feel as if I did. Pretty good.  My weight was up this morning, but I was up with a stomach ache in the night and have felt rough all day with a stomach ache so I’m not going to worry about todays weigh in….it’s unofficial anyway!  Yes, I still weigh daily but my official weigh in is Friday.

Whew…this is a short one.  There isn’t much to say.  The weekend was cold…rainy…icky!   We ran some errands and I went to visit a scarlet macaw that I fell in love with.  He is at a pet store and has some behavior problems and is way to high priced. But I fell in love!   So I visit!  

But that’s about all we did …errands and relax!


jen said...

You did good, keep it up.
Hope you feeling better soon x

Paula C said...

Congratulations on the loss. It was coming. My weigh in day is Saturday. I have lost 4 pounds since 1/1. I am working hard to continue the trend. It isn't easy. It has been so cold here and all I want is hot comfort food. I am glad you're doing well. You were so quiet I was concerned.

SANRDJ said...

great way to start the year!!! Keep it going.

Amy said...

I love birds and how responsive they are to the human voice. This one is gorgeous but I've heard they are so much work!
Way to go on the weight loss! Hope you feel better soon!

Mrs Swan said...

Aww hims so cute! I cannot imagine his voice in an apt though. LOL

CONGRATS on your loss! Water or fat we will rejoice! LOL

peppylady (Dora) said...

What a pretty bird.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Anonymous said...

congrats on the weight loss