Monday, June 07, 2021

I know.....

I know, I know, I know!   Last week I was all into grabbing the reins and rocking the week.  I was going to lose weight.  I was going to be amazing.  I was going to slay the weight!     But, it didn’t happen!  There is no excuse.  It was my choice.  (Darn food addiction and stress eating!)

It was a short work week.  It should have felt short, right?  But let me tell you, those three work days felt like a month of Sundays!  I kid you not!  What is worse,  Returning  to work brought back the stress and angst.  It also brought back the stress eating.  It brought back the loss of self control.  How does that translate into weight loss?  It doesn’t!  I didn’t lose weight...and I hovered at a high weight on the scales.    

Every day I woke up determined to “make good choices” and “stay strong” today.  And each day was yet one more failure.  Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t shovel in food like crazy.  I didn’t eat a full bag of potato chips in one sitting (no it took me three days...and in fairness it was a brand from Lancaster County,PA that I don’t get often!).    So no, in the grand scheme of things,  I didn’t do too bad. But... My portions were out of control.  I indulged in chocolate. I didn’t choose the healthiest options.  I wager a bet that if I would have tracked my food that I would have been roughly 1500-1700 calories...which sadly for me is NOT weight loss zone.  And in case you didn’t catch that, I didn’t track anything. 

By the weekend, I was feeling it.  I was sitting here feeling horrible about my current state.   I’m tired of hurting.   My legs hurt to walk on our evening walk.  A simple 1.5 mile walk and my legs were aching!   Finding clothes to wear over the weekend (something other than my normal weekday lounging clothes) that fit comfortably was a chore.  I just feel miserable and fat.  I won’t even try to sugar coat it.  In fact, I cried this weekend about where I’m at in terms of my weight loss.

Yes, I cried this weekend. I cried at the helpless feeling that courses through my veins.  I cried at the girl that had gotten the weight under control and was super active.  I cried for the fat woman I have once again have become.  I cried from the fear and worry that the damage that I have done to my body with this excess weight could be permanent.  My tears were a mixture of regret and fear.

But ultimately I know that to wallow in my tears is not the solution to my issues.  Yes, the damage I’ve done COULD be permanent.  But I don’t know that.  These aches and pains could all go away as I lose weight.  They did before!  I may be lucky a second time!   All I know is that I have to make some changes.

So what am I doing to move forward?

**  I don’t have any grand plan.   I am toying with buying a mountain bike 12 week program.  It is designed to better biking skills and there are testimonials about people losing mad weight whilst doing it.  (And they better their bike handling and skills at the same time due to better core strength from the cross training program.) 

**  I am going to be tracking my food.  No if’s ands or buts!

** There will be  consistency with my accountability...which means I’m back to checking in more frequently on this site...and yes, on my YouTube Channel also. 

** I will be adopting an attitude.....this straight and narrow is only for 4 weeks (12 if I follow that mountain bike program).  It’s only 4 weeks...who can’t do something short term.  I can deny myself a donut, a piece of cake, anything really because it’s ONLY 4 weeks that I’m asking for!  (I will reevaluate after the four weeks and re-up for another 4 if it was working!)

**  I plan on aiming for 1200 calories. That is what works for my body.   Now,  before people start screaming...I also don’t weigh my food.  I don’t measure my food.  I very well could be under tracking.  And that is ok.   I will just aim for lower calories...because it will give me the freedom to continue NOT measuring and weighing!   It’s a trade off...a bit of freedom in one area but a tightening of the restrictions in another!

**  I simply need to constantly remind myself of my goals, my currently aching body, the future that I want!

it’s not a really strong plan....but is is what I got right now!!!   It’s Monday...and it’s a new start!


SANRDJ said...

You've been through so much and sometimes it just takes us breaking down and having a good cry to have a reset. The 4 weeks sounds like a great plan to get your goals met and start a new commitment. You've got this!

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I have been stress eating a lot lately too. After working from home for 14 months, I was told, with little notice, that I had to come into the office (after being told I was a remote employee, even when others returned to the office). I have had a hard time adjusting to commuting again, being trapped in a cubicle, the overload of noise, the distractions. How is this week going so far for you?

peppylady (Dora) said...

Couple of things I learn about tracking my foods, it mainly keep me incheck. But it also let me know were I need to improve. like I'm going to be more aware of my meat servings sizes.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Anonymous said...

I myself have had a few crappy weeks. It is hard not to become discouraged. But we need to remind ourselves we can do this. I am finishing this week strong. I hope to see a loss this week after the last several that have been a gain. I wish there was something I could say to you feel better. Let's just start new today. Take it one step at a time.

Paula C

Anonymous said...

I found this on another site & want to share the thought.

Never be afraid to fall apart because is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.