Thursday, March 11, 2021

Running again????

This week has been somewhat uneventful.  Not much has been happening in terms of my weight loss.  It’s just been there.

I stayed the course over the weekend.  Stayed with my ‘one sweet treat indulgence’ rule.  I was so disgusted to see my weight pop up.   Irregardless of my seemingly good behavior my weight is determined to pop every weekend.  So I’ve been chasing down the ‘recoup’ all week long.  

On Sunday I was so thoroughly disgusted that I allowed the weight of it all (pun intended) to get to me.  I was actually depressed and feeling defeated about it all!    There were some other emotions at play also...some things that I am working through.   And I was an emotional wreck.   Jason had his hands full for sure!   He is a trooper and did everything he could to help me through the emotions!  

I did come to a conclusion on Monday....that conclusion was the reminder that I can’t help what other people they treat things play out in my life. I have no control over it.  The ONLY thing I have control over is my reaction to these stimuli.    And that includes how I stress eat..or not stress eat as the case may be.

I have continued on with my consistency with my exercise bike to get my miles.  I even got out for another run outside on my lunch break!!!!  Go me!  It was slow. It wasn’t pretty.  But I did it!!!

Ohhh and the weather was fabulous!  I was in a tee shirt!  That made it even better!  Spring is very welcome to arrive!

After my emotions on Sunday I feel more settled about my weight loss efforts.  I know I’m making overall good choices for health.   I just need to figure out why my weight is popping each weekend.  Calorically I’m not our of control.  (Even with the day that I had a sweet treat.). I’m not eating mad carbs all day long.  I’m not going off the rails at all.  It’s very controlled eating but something is off kilter.

I will figure this out!!!!  No if’s ands or buts!!!


Mary said...

Less or more water maybe? Good job with running!

Lynn said...

Looking forward to running here without all the extra clothes! I bet it's a good break from the bike for you.

CandlesRGr8 said...

Have you thought about getting your metabolism tested?

MaryFran said...

Thanks! I have been thinking it could be some wate weight. I’m trying to really drink a lot of water this weekend to see what happens!!

MaryFran said...

It has been delightful...the weather is that perfect temp outside so I am craving being outside!

MaryFran said...

I had it all sorts of tests about two years back and everything came back normal. Grrr! Which means it really is me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job with keeping your yearly goal. Most of us start out on fire but by the end of January we stray. I am sure you will figure it out because you will not give up.

Paula C