Monday, March 08, 2021

I caved

I have been wanting one!  I have looked at peoples blogs.  I have watched videos.  I have been so wanting to get an air fryer!   I have heard that they are fabulous for cooking healthy meals! 

 My I have drooled over air fryers!  I wanted one bad!   I kept revisiting the idea in my mind!   But I kept resisting.   One main reason actually,  my kitchen is small! Where would I put it.  I already am constantly moving small appliances on a daily basis!! I can deal with the shuffling of small appliances...but my shelves that hold those small appliances are full.  What would I do?  Where would I put it!

Yet I kept getting inundated with air fryer praise!  Everyone talks about them!   I wanted!  But I kept resisting.  In my mind though I worked to come up with some ideas of how to magically create more storage in an already cramped apartment (story of my life!).

And then.....yes something happened.   We spent some time last weekend with Jason’s son and his fiancĂ© (and his adorable granddaughter) and us girls started talking about cooking and kitchen gadgets.  She mentioned that she an air fryer!  My heart lurched as that desire to buy one roared back to life!  Of course I asked her what her thoughts were.  And she sang her praises!   She talked about cooking in it but she also talked about reheating food in it.  Really?  Hmmmm

Jason overheard the conversation!  He was hooked when he heard that  restaurant  french fries that you get through delivery/take out can be popped into the air fryer and they taste good!  Really?    Of course we started talking about it...and the pendulum swayed toward getting one.   

We talked all week long. And we did it!!!

We shopped around a bit.  We immediately discarded the cheapie $40 ones.  They felt flimsy and if I was really strapped for money I am sure they would be fine...but while I am watching my money (for my financial goals) I am ok spending a bit of money here and there.  I try to buy good quality when I can.  So it ended up being between the Ninja and the Power.  Jason had researched these a while back because I apparently almost got one as a gift a while back!  (He knows me well and knows that kitchen gadgets are a sure fire winner for a gift!!!)   We finally settled on the PowerXL.  We liked the fact racks versus the basket.  We also liked the rotisserie option.  So we did it!

It was $189.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond  but a 20% off coupon made it right around $120.     We were so excited to bring it home!

We quickly set it up and we were so excited to try to reheat some Cajun wings that we had picked up at a farmers market!  Ohhh they turned out well!  But what about fries???

On Sunday we grabbed dinner and uncharacteristically ordered French fries.   We had to try them!   And oh my worked!!!  They reheated well!   They were not soggy!  They were crispy on the outside.  They were soft inside.  They were excellent!

This is going to be a fun new gadget!!!    I will be accounting out recipes and working on finding new healthy ways to use this air fryer.  But this weekend we learned that reheating in the air fryer is superior to anything else!!!


Anonymous said...

Air fryer’s are great for roasting vegetables. We make our own fries without oil. They come out great! I have also used it to reheat lasagna and it comes out perfect. My husband likes the way it cooks bacon. I think you will find hundreds of recipes and uses for yours. The one you have is much more of a deluxe model than the one I have. You’ll have to let us know how it works out for you.

Paula C

peppylady (Dora) said...

You know what I never had anything from air fryer
Coffee is on and stay safe

jen said...

Glad you loving the air fryer. Keep us informed as to how you go with it.
I bought one a few years back, and DID NOT like it at all.

MaryFran said...

We have been using it every day. I did zucchini fries last night...chicken the night before...we reheated Mac and cheese...and tried the restaurant French fry reheat. So far I’m impressed!!!

MaryFran said...

So far I’m liking it!!!

MaryFran said...

So far I’m liking it...even if just for reheating! I made chicken the other night and it was nice and crunchy on the outside. Thus far I’m liking it.

Anonymous said...

We just did zucchini fries this week in ours. Aren’t they great? I never had them before but so simple. Even my husband thought they were good and he doesn’t like zucchini other than zucchini bread. Glad to hear you’re liking your new purchase.

Paula C