Monday, March 15, 2021

Chasing the Pounds

Each week I chase the weight.   I have my official weigh in on Friday.  I am stoked about it....then the weekend comes and boom...I gain 1-2 pounds (sadly sometimes 3) and then I spend the rest of my weigh in week (my work week) chasing down those pounds.

It’s a vicious cycle!  Absolute insanity!  I cut back to one sweet treat for the whole week...and yes it does happen on the weekend.  (It was one a day on the weekend...and I included Friday night into the three!). That didn’t seem to make a difference.  I watch my calories.   They are not insanely high!  I mean, even with the sweet treats they were in the 1600 to 1800 range.  According to the ‘numbers’ that should still be a loss!    But each week I gain!

It’s disheartening!  It’s infuriating.  It is what it is...apparently.

So last week while I was chasing down my weight gain during the course of my work week, I thought of a few things and I have a new plan of attack...or maybe it’s an old plan of attack...depending on how you look at it!  

I have been doing a more intermittent fasting method for a while.  I’m just not hungry first thing in the morning.  I never have been.  So I naturally fell into a 16:8 intermittent fasting plan.   I have been hearing so many people talk about doing the intermittent fasting plan of one meal a day, or OMAD.  I have honestly been interested. It would eliminate so much temptation.   But I hesitate for various reasons.  Honestly I worry about going on a long hike or an intense mountain bike ride with no food in me.  We need food as fuel!    Sooooo...this last week I combined the two...kinda...sorta.     

I eat my dinner normally.  Whatever I want, I don’t particularly choose low calorie foods.  This last week we had chicken and sweet potatoes one night,  cheeseburgers and Mac and cheese another night, spagetti, a broccoli cheddar quiche.......well balanced and not what I would call ‘diet food’.  Normal foods for normal people.  (Honestly the broccoli cheddar quiche may have been the only recipe I may have possibly found in a healthy cookbook).  

  But when I break my fast  I am working to stick to eating fruits and veggies only.  Not even just plain fruits and veggies.   I ate left over broccoli casserole and also some broccoli salad (yes we had a lot of broccoli this week...go figure) and I did smear my banana with peanut butter!    But the basis of my lunch was fruits and veggies.

As I ate and entered my food into myfitnesspal I started to think about the Maryfran of old.  When I was in weight watchers and losing weight steadily...and reaching my goal weight, I remember being in a meeting where they were talking about fruits and veggies and that we have to really work to get those 5 servings a hard as it is...we need to get those 5 recommended servings.   I remember listening to people moan and bellyache about how it was ‘so difficult’ to eat that many and how ‘five a day?  That’s just impossible’.  I was dumbfounded and when they asked if anyone consistently ate 5 servings I was able to honestly raise my hand.  They asked how many I actually ate and I remember being able to honestly say ‘I eat at least 8 servings a day’.   It sparked a whole long conversation where I talked about how I just made those foods the basis of my diet.  I think I may have mentioned that my lunch was primarily fruits and veggies.   Every day...I packed 4-5 (sometimes more) fruits and veggies for lunch.  I always had a fruit serving after each meal for my pop of breakfast and dinner also included a fruit...and then whatever veggies I served with dinner.   

I finally remembered how I managed things before.  ‘Normal dinner’ but fruit and veggie laden through out the day!   I can do that again!   No problem!

The other thing that I did with my figures in myfitnesspal...I pulled out my total calorie count for each day and listed them in a piece of paper.  I then listed my weight for that day beside the number. 

1600-1700 is not a good number for me.  But I am happy to say that 1300-1400 is a good number.  At least from this weeks statistics.   I have long said that I can’t lose at a higher caloric intake...even if the numbers say I should.  It just doesn’t happen for me!  I think this shows that also.  But I was happy to see that I didn’t need to be down at the 1200 range.  I was losing just fine at the 1400 mark!    I don’t know how 200 calories a day could make such a huge difference....but they did (true the quality of calories consumed too plays a factor!)

As you can see on the stats picture...I managed to chase that weight gain and even lose a pound!  Yes, I was happy!!

So I learned and remembered some basic things about myself this past weigh in week while I chased down the weekend weight gain!    I am diligently putting them to use!  And I’m determined!!!  


jen said...

1400 is not bad....
This losing weight is darn hard work .. and frustrating much

Mary said...

Can you do a post on how you get so many vegetable servings in your diet? I eat a ton of fruit but struggle with veggies. I dislike celery and raw broccoli, gag, don't even get me started on baby carrots. Cooked are fine but who has the time?