Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Monthly Recap

We have closed the books on February!   Another month in the year 2021 done.   I know it’s only been two months into this year but wow...it’s flying by!!!

So with a new month brings a bit of reflection of previous months.  So how did I do with my goals for February?

Financial Goals
I have a goal for the year.  I have a large amount of money that I would like to have in my savings account by the end of the year.  I have broken that down to a certain dollar amount that I need each month.  I am not going into details of exactly what I am saving or how much...that is not the goal to tell people my personal finances.  But....I have that goal of what I need and I met that goal!   In fact I smashed that goal and saved a few hundred dollars more than I needed!   I am on target to meet that financial goal well before the end of the year!   Can I double that goal?   Hmmm. I’m going to do my best!

2021 miles goal
My challenge to propel myself 2021 miles in the year 2021 is going well also!   I needed 168.48 miles for the month of February.  I had to up my daily miles a bit due to the fact that February was a shorter month.  But I made my goal.  I made my goal with room to spare!  I actually got 55.26 miles more than I needed!  I am doing great!  I have been consistent with my miles and I am quite proud of myself!!!

Lose weight
I set a challenge to be at or under 200 pounds by the end of this year.  That equaled to be roughly 1 pound a week, with about 6 weeks extra to account for no loss week.   I didn’t do great in January and just posted a small loss for the month and February was not much better.  I lost 1.6 pounds for the month.   I am not knocking it...it is a loss!  It could have been a gain.  So I am happy.  But I am so going to have to pick up the pace with my losing because I have now used up all my freebies.  I am down to the wire.  I have to lose 1 pound a week from here on out to meet my goal!   It’s time to get serious and take no prisoners!

I am aiming for the same goals for the month of March.  My goals this year will remain the same as I am working toward large goals.  But that’s ok.  It helps me build consistency!    

March is going to be fantastic!!   I can smash all my goals! I know I can!

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Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I have set financial goals for myself as well. One thing I did was take on a second, part-time job. Every penny of those paychecks went to either paying down debt or straight into savings. It helped a lot. Not sure if that is an option for you. BTW, this is my new blog (again)...I just posted about it on my old one (the butterfly one)!