Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What a rough week

It is weigh in time again and I was so not ready for this weigh in!   Could I skip it??? I didn’t want to see the results because I fully expected a gain!  It was in the cards!     But skipping isn’t a valid option so I faced the music and weighed myself anyway!!!

My week of eating
I did good with  my eating.  I stayed right where I needed to be with my food intake!  I kept my calories in a nice range and a range that is conducive to losing weight (for my body!).    I am happy with my eating and feel in control and on top of that.  It’s not always easy, but I’m feeling good!

Exercise through the week
I managed to get in a couple session on the exercise bike.  Jason and I walked after work every day but one (he was having issues with his foot so we took a break that one day!).   We got some walking in over the weekend also.   I also managed 5 days of yoga.  I could have bumped up some of the intensity level...but I was active!!! As evidenced by my calories and expenditures on exercise chart!!!

Nervous about my weigh in

So why was I nervous about my weigh in?   I was nervous because ok the first day of my weigh in my weight popped up by 2 pounds and it hovered at a higher weight ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Talk about frustrating!   It’s maddening to be doing what is right and see the opposite results on the scales.   

I took some comfort in the fact that the monthly scourge came to visit and I hoped that the weight would right itself at some point, but as days passed and my weight remained high I was feeling hopeless!  Yet I held on and stayed strong.

My weigh in results
When I tell you that I didn’t want to weigh in, let me be clear.  I really did not want to weigh in!  But I stepped on the scales.  I was so shocked when I saw the number!   I had an absolute even maintain!  What? How?    

I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.   I’m taking it and I'm running with it!   I at Chinese food the night before the weigh in so I am double shocked...and halfway expect the weight to pop again...but I am drinking my water to counter act that sodium! 

So this week I am moving forward.  The results on the scale didn’t change that mission at all.  This journey is Kanpur moving forward no matter what the scales do! And that is just what my plan is!!!  Moving forward!!!


jen said...

Trying to move forward with you.

Well done on the maintain...

Mrs Swan said...

Yeah for a maintain! While disappointing, much better than a gain! :)