Friday, July 17, 2020

Fixing problems in my weight loss journey

It is so hot!  Holy cow, it’s been hot!   I am trying my hardest to not let this heat wave affect my weight loss efforts, or more specifically to affect my efforts to get fit and stay active!   This past week we had a set back in our activity but I also experienced a victory when I took steps to correct a separate issue with my fitness options.

Bike ride issues
Over the weekend we planned to go out on a long bike ride!   We got dressed, checked the air pressure in our bike tires, and loaded the bikes into the car.  We were happy and looking forward to our ride as we drive the 30 minutes toward our destination.   All was well!   Until we went to take the bikes off the rack.   One of Jason’s tires was totally flat!   We already run it  wasn’t just a thing of changing the tube.  We pondered the options.  We could pump the tire up, but there was obviously a greater issue than just needing air, especially since the tire had been full of air only 30-40 minutes earlier.   We ultimately decided that heading out for a 3 hour ride was probably not wise.  So we reloaded the bikes and went home!

We didn’t let that stop us though!  We took the bikes back inside and we immediately headed out for a walk!   We had already taken a chunk of our day with the bikes so we headed for a local segment of the C&O Canal to take a nice walk.  The cancelled bike ride might have been catastrophic to our activity levels, but we didn’t let that stop us!  We had a nice walk. 

We were out for about 2 hours on our nice long walk.  We checked out a few of the side trails that led down to the river and enjoyed the architecture and buildings on the canal.  It was definitely a good time....even with the flat tire AND the heavy downpour of rain that occurred at the end of our walk!

Fixing a hiking problem

I have been very open about the fact that I have been having issues while hiking this year.  I seem to be falling....a lot!  Or maybe just a lot more than I feel is normal!   I fell in January on a hike on the Appalachian trail   I fell again in February on a really easy trail that we were walking and exploring abandoned buildings in attempt to protect my tender back!  I was actually filming video footage during that fall which you can see on my YouTube channel.  There have been a few more falls also!   It’s been quite concerning!

The concern and worry escalated recently when we were hiking a New River Gorge.  We were in a trail that I desperately wanted to hike!  But I felt that it was much too risky in light of my recent falls!   I wanted to find a solution...I needed to find a solution!   The solution...or at least the attempt to find a solution has come!   

I started researching trekking poles almost as soon as we got home from that hiking trip!  The more I read, the more I was sure that trekking poles were going to be the solution!   I researched and this past weekend I bite the bullet and purchased a pair!   I went with the brand LEKI   I like the warranty that they offer and I have heard that their customer service is top notch!   They were a bit pricy but I wanted poles that I could feel confident with while using!  LEKI has a range of options and I chose the middle of the road in terms of price. (Amazon link). We have gone out to an easy trail for me to use them.  It’s going to take time to get used to them!  I have read though that in time it will become second nature!!!  I hope to get out again this weekend on a trail so that I can use my trekking poles again!

Getting fit, losing weight and being healthy is a constant journey of navigating and overcoming challenges.    This past week was the perfect example of how these challenges hit us and how we can work to overcome them!   I will not let’s these things keep me from my goals!


peppylady (Dora) said...

There so many challenge in weight lost. If only we could just turn switch.
Coffee is on

MaryFran said...

Very true! I always say that I would be rich if I had the magic solution to weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Great job adapting and overcoming the fitness challenges. Smart move on the bike issue. We have experienced tire issues with out bikes. It really is a bummer to get a flat out on the trail. We found the reason for our tire issues was in the rim where the spoke meets the rim. Small enough to make tiny puncture that lead to leaking tire. Ugh! Once fixed, no more issues. It has been hot and humid here and it makes running so hard. I made pit stops through out all runs. This week I did 3 outdoor runs. But I did them. How did intermittent fasting go? I did okay, but I still ate too large portions. I did have a 1.4 pound loss. I am going to keep at it for at least 30 days. If I continue to lose weight I will know I am on to something here!

Paula C

Rebooting Myself said...

Way to adapt! I'm constantly in awe of all of the adventures you guys go on! Hopefully the balance issues will work itself out and you can get back to enjoying them on the regular!

Charley and Lisa said...

Just a suggestion... Have you ever checked out a Code Red Takedown Challenge? I am not selling anything here, and it's not an MLM or anything. But you get a food list, some rules and its been pretty amazing for me! You should check it out. You can google it or I am happy to send you the link.

MaryFran said...

Oh my word!!!! Great job on the weight loss!!!! Congrats! I’m so excited for you!!!

Yes...the bike decision was the best. We’ve messed with it a few times and thus far haven’t got it licked. We run tubeless. So it MAY just need more sealant to fix whatever leak is there...but more than likely we think he needs a new tire. It happens. :-). It’s so hot that we are struggling to get outside to do anything! We have at least done our after work walks!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks! I’m actually looking forward to using the trekking poles! I also plan on starting to work on my core strength! I think that may be a problem!

MaryFran said...

I will definitely look into it and do some research!!! Thanks for the heads up!

Amy said...

Nice way to turn lemons into lemonade!

Wine Recipes said...

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