Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Weekly weigh in

It is that time again.   It’s time to review my week and see what I did in terms of fitness, food and weight loss!  Let me tell you, this was the last week of the holidays and I was just hoping that I could hold on.  And boy did I hold on tight!

So let me be clear.... it was actually weekly weigh sharing time on Monday!  BUT, Monday was my blogiversary…my 14th actually and I needed to do the obligatory post to commemorate it!    So here it is…my week in review…just a wee bit late!

We started out the last week of December with a family get together.  I love spending time with my family so I was tickled!  The weather was nice so we did get outside to fly Jason’s drones.   So that was a bit of time outside.  And in keeping with my error over the whole holiday season, I got exactly NO pictures of the holiday event.  OOPS.

On Sunday we were gung ho to get outside……except that it was raining.  So we headed off to the mall and to an antique store.  Hey…it was steps!  At least I was moving!   As always, we had a hoot and of course I tried on some hats at the antique store.
I went back to work on Monday and that is when I realized that I had a heck of a lot of steps to take if I was going to make my monthly step goal for December!  I stepped up to the plate and I walked every chance I could.  It was raining…but I walked out in the parking garage on my lunch break AND two 15 minute breaks!  I was NOT going to go down without a fight.  

And guess what?  I was so proud to be able to say that I did it!  I was also getting up at 4:45 AM and riding my exercise bike for those first two days.  I was a machine!

Throughout this time my eating was ok…but I was still indulging a bit in the desserts.  OOPS.

On Wednesday I was determined that the holidays were over and I was going to get a fresh start!  That included eating……which I managed to do GREAT with.  But it also included my fitness.  So we started off the year right.  We headed out to hike!  We went to a tail that we both love.  We have hiked this trail a gazillion times before. It was just as gorgeous and fun as I remembered.  It was just as hard….let me tell you.  

The Thurston Griggs Trail is a pretty steep incline.  I think Jason referred to it as ‘the devil climb’ when we were going up!  The arthritis in my knees were kicking, but I knew that when we got to the top of Thurston Griggs and entered the Appalachian trail that things would level off as we were on the ridge at that point and I wanted to get to Black Rock!  

Once we got to Black Rock and looked around, I knew that I wanted to get to Annapolis Rock.  Afterall, it’s a flat nice trail up on the ridge!  So off we went!

The way back was fine too….until I got to the Thurston Griggs trail.  My knee was SHOT by that point.  The trail down was just as difficult.   My poor woobly knee made me feel like I was drunk and staggering around.  I was going SLOW.  When I got to the very last stream crossing I was in my glory!  I could actually see the car!  I don’t know if my knee just gave it up or if I got careless……but I went down!   It could have been bad.  I was in a really jagged rocky area.  This wasn’t just  a matter of falling into a pool of water.  This was a thing of me falling onto large rocks….jagged uneven rocks.  SOMEHOW I managed to NOT hit my head.  I was twisted around…and shaken up.  But with just a scraped up knee and a brush burn on my finger I managed to escape unscathed.   I was super sore the next few days…every things hurt. My hip…my arms…my wrist.  But I know how lucky I was!   But hey….I got over 20,000 steps that day AND I got to be out in nature and see some gorgeous sights!  It was worth it!

So with that said…I got no more lunchtime walks or exercise bike rides the rest of the week as I recovered.   This is a journey toward health… body needed to heal!

So how did I do on the scales????? 

Why I maintained!  I would have LOVED to have shown a loss for this week.  But I am perfectly fine with a maintain.  My goal was to maintain through the holidays….and it has only been two days since the holidays!   So I managed to do exactly what I wanted to do for the month of December.  BUT now it is January….it’s time to get this weight loss show on the road and lose some weight!!!!!   I’ve got this!


jen said...

Well done on a did well.

*Sweat and Sparkle* said...

A maintain during all the stress and hoopla of the holidays is awesome! All your talk and pictures about hiking makes me want to get back trail walking and running. Definitely a goal this year!

Sarah said...

Yay, a maintain is great coming off a holiday. Great job!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Nothing wrong with a maintain. It just practice for when we hit our goal weight, that we never gain back.
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