Sunday, December 22, 2019

Weekly weigh in: hanging on

Happy Monday!   A new week is upon us and it is going to be a crazy busy one!  Welcome to Christmas Week!   I have so much going on…starting with a day with my mom today on December 23, Christmas eve with Jason at home, Christmas day with my mom and Jason’s parents and some other friends and family. I go back to work for Thursday and Friday and then on Saturday we have another family Christmas event.  I’m telling you…fun and busy!   But before we go there, I think we should talk about the week behind us!  Let’s talk about how I did with my weight loss and fitness efforts.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

My weight loss week started with the weekend of October 14th and 15th.  On Saturday it was raining and just miserable outside.  So we took the opportunity to get our bi-weekly grocery shopping done along with some of the errands that plague use all.   It was the perfect day to do such things!   On Saturday it was beautiful outside and we knew that we wanted to be out there.  So we bundled up and laced up our hiking boots and out we went!
 We went to the George Washington Monument park.  This is a park that has the first completed monument dedicated to George Washington.  

Of course we explored the monument.

And when we were done exploring we headed north on the Appalachian trail, which is conveniently about 100 feet from the monument.  
We hiked for a few hours.  We had a blast!

I had some extra fun as I FINALLY really felt the urge to use my camera gear again.  It felt good to get my camera back in my hands.  (I haven’t really felt that urge since before I divorced!  Before my divorce my camera was my sole source of happiness….after the divorce I could barely stand to have it in my hands.  But the pull toward photography is back.)   Nothing too fancy, but I got a few shots.

The rest of the week was pretty routine.  We had a potluck at work and I managed to really do good.  My calories were a bit higher that day (and one other day) but not tragically so!  I know that I need to keep my calories at the low end of my range (1200)  to really lose weight and that the high end of my range (right around 1500) calories for my body is usually leading me to a maintain.  I’m ok with a maintain.  That is my goal for the crazy month December…a maintain!  (let’s be honest though….I would LOVE a loss!)
So here are my results…..

I managed to lose a wee bit..basically a half pound loss this week (to recoup what I gained last week!). I’ll take it!!!


Grace said...

This is such a hard time of year to stay on track, so good for you. And a loss is a loss, even if it is small!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Lovely place to explore. And hope you will be able to share more photo of the Appalachain trail.
Any amount of lost is always good.

*Sweat and Sparkle* said...

I love parks like that! I love history, and old buildings, and monuments. The pictures are great! And your weigh-in is quite good, considering the time of year especially.