Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Changes and plans

I am really going to be working on making some changes in my life in the new year.  I am tired of sitting around and planning and plotting and not carrying through....or only doing things with half of the ability that I am capable of.   This goes hand in hand with my word of the year that I talked about in a recent post.  Committed!

You see, I want to be committed to my website and to my youtube channel.  I have gained amazing things from these two social media outlets.  I have gained amazing friends.  I have gained amazing support.  I have gained a never ending supply of advice.  It is an awesome tool for life.   I am not walking away from any of that.  Quite the contrary. I am even more committed than ever to make this a priority in my life and to do it RIGHT!   But to do things properly and stay committed I have to come up with a plan because time is limited and these tasks really do take up time!  Dare I say that keeping up with the creation of content for both of these outlets is the equivalent to having a part time job? So I need to make things work better for me if I’m going to carry on and carry on with commitment.

The first thing that I am going to change with this site is that I am going to be committed to having more of my posts created in advance.  So often I am writing my posts on the fly and publishing them all within almost the same breath!   This has added some extra stress to my life in relation to this site.  Why is it adding stress?  It's adding stress because I have tried to get into a posting schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday.     I like the posting schedule I have.  It keeps me accountable!  When I don't stick with a posting schedule I tend to write sporadically and when I write sporadically my weight loss efforts tend to be a bit more sporadic. (It's crazy...but true!)

But you see, I weigh in on Friday morning.  I would then turn around and try to get the weigh in results post written and published all before I left for work.  I leave for work at 6:30 AM.  It was just not working for me!  I was stressed and just struggling to get things done.  All it took is for me to say "Why don't I post the weigh in information on Monday.  That way I have a few days to get the information written out in a clear concise form!     I are saying "well duh"!     So that is one of my HUGE plans.   

I have toyed with trying to post things more routinely...such as having a day dedicated to a certain topic.   I like this concept....but every time I think I’m going to do it I then sit back and say ‘but what about....’ and I realize that it won’t work for me.   I can say that Monday’s will usually be my weigh in blog posts.   I would say always but I have a blogiversary coming up and it falls on a I am planning to postpone my weigh in report until Wednesday.   See how being too strict doesn’t work for me?

In relation to my youtube channel....  I have been posting on Sundays and Wednesdays (with random videos here and there.  I will be altering that a bit to be a Sunday....Wednesday....Friday rotation. 

*  The Sunday post is my review of my weight loss week (which will be linked on my monday Blog posts)
*   I have Workout Wednesdays...this will be mostly fitness and workout related.
*   Fridays will be Foodie Friday.  I am planning on posting a video that relates to cooking....either a recipe or a review of a food....or maybe a review of a kitchen gadget!  And some of those recipes may make an appearance on my blog....time will tell!

Also on my YouTube channel there will be random videos and posts here and there.  Whatever and whenever strikes my fancy!  A day or eating.....a review of a product.....any collabs or tags that I am asked to participate in.....anything and everything.....just random bonus videos!  I will be linking those videos to my blog as often as possible.

The videos are also done in advance....usually I finish the videos for the week ahead of me and have them uploaded and scheduled quite early.  I usually spend those lazy weekend mornings where we are just lounging a bit before we head out for our weekend activities  on editing videos.  This is working for me.   This allows me the time during the week to film the clips that I need and to write my  scripts.....basically just do whatever needs to be done.

I also have been toying with a second blog.  It is a bit of travel and a bit of reviews.  I am still toying with it to find my niche....but I will be trying to post there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This one is still in the works and is still being developed so I am not quite ready to make bold statements about definitely posting and what I'm posting!  Or even if it is going to stick around.  Another two posts a week is a huge commitment!  (But that is my word of the year so maybe that's my answer!    Regardless....we shall see.  I am still getting my feet wet with the reviews and the travel reports....time will tell if I like it!

I have a few ideas in the works for some other projects and i am also committed to seeing how the take shape.  And of course I will take you along for the ride when I actually get to a stage that I can share! 

So there you have it.  I am committed and plan to continue my quest in each of these outlets.  They bring me joy, happiness and support.   I am also on the lookout for ways to expand and learn stay tuned.  This next year is my year for commitment and I am going to rock it out!


*Sweat and Sparkle* said...

I have also noticed that the more I write, the better I stick to my diet and my workouts. And the better I am doing, the more I want to write, so it's one big circle. I like the idea of a posting schedule, setting certain days for certain types of posts, but keeping it flexible in case you have something else to write about or just don't have time for anything that day.

Sarah said...

I love a set schedule for certain topics on certain days. I tried that for awhile. I feel like if I'm not making progress, there's not much to post about. I'm going to try to post more soon. But it's been nice taking a little break.

It almost sounds like your word should be CHALLENGE. LoL

Congrats on the new bike!

MaryFran said...

Yes! It really does help! Glad I’m not the only one that experiences that phenomenon! This upcoming year is our year! We are probably going to be posting like crazy!!!

MaryFran said...

Sometimes we need a bit of a break to refresh and rejuvenate!

Mrs Swan said...

LMAO I have had a schedule for months and months now. I don't follow it though. Haha!

I agree that your word should be Challenge! Good gravy woman, you like to heap a whole bunch of stuff on your plate. But hey if it helps and works for you then by all means DO IT!! :)

I had plans to pre-write some stuff today but I cannot find my mouse. LMAO I need my mouse so I am struggling.

MaryFran said...

Hahah it is a challenge for sure! I’m reconsidering that second blog! Hahaha. Or maybe lowering the expectations on it!

I think pre-writing is the key!!