Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Surprise...I did it!

I know I know...I sometimes make bows and don’t keep them on here...but on Monday night I kept one of my vows!

I have been saying that I need to start exercising during the work week...and Monday night I took the first step.

Yes...I went for a run!   Oh my was slow!  My arthritis in my knee has been kicking for a few weeks and I wasn’t sure how it would go.   But I didn’t dwell  on that and just went out.   I only did a mile!  It wasn’t pretty but I did it!    Ohh and while I was slow I was running/jogging every step of the way!   Go me!!

The weather has taken a sharp nose dive since was about 60° when I ran on Monday is about 20° right now.  But I plan on doing something tonight or tomorrow night...two nights a week!   I want to run...but I will allow myself to default to the stair step thing that I have...20 minutes on that should suffice!

So here we go!   I can do this!!!  Exercise is my friend and will bring me close to my long term goals!!!


Unknown said...

Awesome job! Every little bit counts!

Amy said...

OOh that makes my knee hurt just thinking of it! Way to go!

Shelley said...

The first step is the hardest - really pleased that you took it and RAN an entire mile!!! That is awesome. :)

Sarah said...

I couldn't run a mile. You rock!

Anonymous said...

That is great!!! You have had a great week. Lost weight & checking off going for a 🏃‍♀️ off the list.

Paula C

peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't recall last time a ran. Great job.
Coffee is on

Lynn said...

Good job!

*Back to Me* said...

Great job getting that run in! Oh, I need to get back to it too! I miss it but also dread it, if that makes sense.

Mrs Swan said...

Slow or not you did it!

It is the choice you made to do it and the action you took.


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