Friday, October 18, 2019

Hanging on by a thread

Friday!!!  Yay!!!

I feel like I am barely hanging on.   Ever since vacation I feel as if I am flying by the seat of my pants and just barely!  It is an odd sensation.  I normally do feel exhausted as my week continues...but right now I just feel as if I’m pushing forward and getting nothing done...just scraping by.   I am getting dinner cooked on the evenings...most days.   There have been more ‘let’s just  order delivery for dinner tonight’  evenings than ever!  The house looks a wreck!   I’m just feeling as if I don’t have time for anything!   I don’t know what the difference is and what changed to make me feel like this ..but it is really starting to annoy me!  What’s worse?  I don’t know how to fix it.  Does anyone have a few spare hours to give me each day?

I have been doing well with my eating.  I have maintained my food intake within my calorie count.   At the top end...but I’m there!   I don’t eat a whole lot of complex carbs (I know that I don’t lose well if I do). I am feeling balanced and in control of this food addiction.   But my weight is just hanging steady though...which is super annoying!  It is bringing on lots of ‘I’m a failure’ feelings.   Do I really have to go online and report another ‘stand still’ or worse a gain report with my weight.  Seriously, it’s driving me crazy!!!  I have tried to tweak my food a bit this week to bump me into the losing category.....I took out one fruit  and switched it to a vegetable for my lunches......and I have ended up ravenous and not satisfied after my in scrounging through my wallet looking for change for the vending machine ravenous!   I found the money...but I came to my senses and realized that junk food from the vending machine wasn’t the ticket.  I instead scrounged in my desk drawer and found a granola bar that I kept there for ‘emergencies’.  The next day I took a new bar to replace that one and ended up eating it instead of putting it on my desk drawer.  All week long.   So that’s just odd to me!!!

I have walked on my much as I can.  I’m working on training and I don’t have prep I have been spending my lunches printing materials for the next day.  Since I am training I am on my feet all day though!!!  That’s good!!!  We get bike rides in on the weekends but during the week not at all....and I get frustrated because I know I would progress so much faster should I be able to have the time to ride on the trails during the week...but.......

But that’s where I stand....kinda hanging on my a thread.   But I haven’t give up working on my health!   I’m still in the game!


Shelley said...

You are a strong woman to be able to fight through this instead of throwing in the towel. Keep hanging are worth it!

SANRDJ said...

It's always hard to get back into a routine after vacation and I always feel that I need a vacation after my vacation!! With regards to your snacks... maybe try adding a fat/protein in with that veggie so it helps keep you full. Maybe a piece of cheese or some peanut butter? The granola bar will give you quick energy but you will feel hungry again soon. I also find that the fall months leave me tired with the low daylight hours. I end up taking a Vit D an B12 most days and that gives me the boost I need. Keep at it... this is a tough time of the year.

MaryFran said...

Thanks! Words from a wise and strong woman!!! You are the one that is strong!!!

MaryFran said...

I do eat cheese with my lunch. Usually fruit and cheese..I have tried swapping the one fruit for carrots and I’m super hungry!!! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful i found a way to lose weight without starvation. Amazing way to lose weight. . It helped me not only lose weight but keep it off,hope it helps others!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Keep going and number on scale will drop.
Coffee is on

Mrs Swan said...

Giiiiirrrrllll I understand this ALL TO WELL!!!

I don't have balance yet but I have lost that cray cray feeling of hanging on by a thread.

What is stressing you out the most? What can you do to tweak that to where it isn't as stressful?

Your just surviving! You gotsta get back to living your life.

Stay the course with your eating and don't worry about your weight! You know you're eating the right way for yourself. Just concentrate on making your life less hestic in any way you can and you will prevail!

Anonymous said...

It is so hard on the mind when you are working so hard & the damn scale stays put. I have thyroid issues and it really can just sux. I am the one of the slowest losers & it can be discouraging but I stick with it because I am determined to get the weight off and keep it off. The scale will move down. I think you have gotten over the mental part of weight loss. You are doing great. Just try to keep the stress down. That al No with getting adequate rest are just as important. I have said it before but I appreciate you keeping it real.

Paula C