Monday, October 21, 2019

A little more to go

Ahh what a weekend!   It did NOT go as all!   But amidst some stress and pain we still had a good time!

Let’s start with my weigh in.   I am currently officially sitting at 235.4 pounds (at my official weigh in on Friday).   I have to lose 0.6 pounds to be back at my pre-vacation weight.   I am crossing my fingers and hoping for that to happen this upcoming week!!!   That would be one week of vacation and three weeks to recover.  Not the greatest...but I’m ok with that.  Well worth it!

We did get in a bike ride over the weekend.  It was absolutely horrible...from lunging dogs, failed attempts  to complete things I know I can do and wasn’t the greatest.  (Stay tuned on YouTube...that video will go live next week..October 30th to be exact.). And as if the ride wasn’t bad enough...on the way home my car broke down!

Sooooo....the car breaking down totally changed the plans for the rest of the weekend.  We obviously couldn’t ride if we couldn’t use the car—-with the bike rack to get to the trail head.  Oh and the rain on Sunday played a part in the plan change also...when the car broke down we said ...well we can hike, until we saw the rain.  But anyway,  the car has been towed...I am crossing my fingers for something simple to fix!   (When we were about two miles from home it started idling really rough...but was still driving fine....and about 1/2 mile from home the engine light came on....oh heavens!).   

 Cool art made form all Honda car parts at the place I took my car (not the Honda dealership but they specialize in Honda!)

So we hit a few stores...and just moseyed around locally a bit.  And of course had to try on Halloween masks.

I tried this one on...

But didn’t start really laughing until I added my glasses.

We went home...cleaned the house and carved pumpkins!

And that was the weekend!

If you want to have a recap of my last week...visit my YouTube channel video (my weight loss blog video) here.  Please subscribe to my channel also...even if you don’t watch...I would appreciate it!)

so that was the weekend.    Today is back to work.  Most of all, I am determined to lose the rest of this vacation weight this week!  I’m ready for this weight to be gone once and for all!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the masks....

life sometimes does not cooperate! glad your pumpkin carving was a success at least..

i ate and ate and ate this weekend...sigh...back to the treadmill and rower and IF today thank goodness!

Midwest Cowgirl

Shelley said...

OMG the mask with your glasses - eerily appealing! I hope your car has an inexpensive fix and you can get back to normal with everything else. Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Swan said...

I'm digging the mask with your glasses as well!

How funny!

I hope your car is a simple inexpensive fix!

I also hope that this week goes smoother for you!

Lynn said...

My weekend didn't go as planned either! It rained though so I didn't feel too bad about it.

jen said...

Loving the halloween costumes !!

How is the car, hope it was something simple.

* Back to Me * said...

I love the statue made from car parts! How cool. So, what masks did you end up getting? :)

KB said...

Love the masks. I've been a bit slack about blogging but I'm hoping to return again.