Monday, July 29, 2019

Scales are Stupid: A common conception during a weight loss Journey

What a crazy week it has been.  I have been totally working this healthy straight up rockin' it!  I have felt good about my efforts...but as always there is a reckoning on the scales each week.  And this week the reckoning wasn't good!   A weight loss journey is NOT for the weak hearted because it will chew you up and spit you out sometimes!

I set a goal for myself for the month of July.   I was really worried about this goal because I have shied away from making goals in terms of how much weight I will lose in a set period of time.  But I did it anyway.   I set a goal to lose 5 pounds for the month of July..   It honestly isn't an ambitious goal by any means!  However, it was a stretch for me.....afterall, I was on track with my food and exercise in June and lost less than 2 pounds. 

Something happened though and I started out the month of July with a bang.  I didn't do anything differently, but the weight was falling off of my body.  By the time the middle of the month rolled around I had already lost 4.8 pounds!   I was so excited!   I was on target to lose a heck of a lot more weight ....much more than my goal of 5 pounds!

I was on top of it!    And then this past weekend I had my official weigh in and BOOM, a straight up maintain!  Uhhhhhhhhh why?  I did EVERYTHING exactly the same!  NOTHING changed!   SOOOO......Here we are with 2 days left in the month and I have 0.2 pounds to lose.  I am feeling quite hopeless.......I know that my weight pops up at the start of each work week!  (However,  wouldn't weigh in officially until I guess I have a few more days to get that 'first of the month' weigh in)

Regardless of how frustrating this is.....I am clinging to the fact that my coworkers, people that had no clue that I had kicked my weight loss efforts into high gear have been constantly talking about my weight loss and how they can see it!  The first day that this happened, it happend about 4 times.  In my head I was thinking, "I'm wearing this outfit EVERYDAY for the rest of my life"  because surely it had to be the outfit right?  But no, the compliments started to come..from random unconnected people on different days.. So whatever I am doing IS working!

SOOO, this last week's review.  July 20-July 26


*We managed to get in some swimming  but only one bike ride (it was so stinkin' hot!) which I wrote about here.

* For the first time in ages my legs were not all bruised and scratched up (from this quest to become a mountain biker) and I celebrated by wearing a skirt to work.  Seriously, I haven't wanted to wear a skirt because people would probably start to wonder!
* The extremely hot weather broke and we had some nice days.  That coupled with the fact that I am back to my normal job at work (which means that I'm not scrambling on my lunch break to get work reassigned and/or completed while I am breaking from my temporary duty of training a group of new hires) was the perfect opportunity for me to get back to my routine of walking on my lunch breaks!  It felt great!
*  I have conquered the Reece's Cup!  They have no hold over me!  (more on this in a future post!)
*  I was  finally ready to announce my entrance into the world of chronicling my weight loss efforts through video  (and very shortly my efforts to become a mountain biker despite the obstacles in my way).
You can see this weeks episode right  below!   Click subscribe (and like) to get updates and because it will help me out (the more subscribes and likes I get the higher I move in the search engines!)  I am excited  about adding this extra level of support and accountability!

Other than the lackluster maintain on the scales, I had a fabulous week.  I made healthy strides forward.  My food was under control.  I was in charge.  I felt empowered!   This weight loss journey will have it's ups and downs.  There will be moments of frustration.  There will be periods of slow results.  I will not let that stop me!  I will keep pushing forward!


mxtodis123 said...

Those nice days were so enjoyable. Your determination rubs off on me. Must get myself back in high gear.

Melanie said...

Combined with hiking and biking on vacation, regular workouts and cleaning and painting my son's apartment I must have exercised 20 hours last week. I actually gained one pound. Agree with you on those scales.
You look nice in your skirt too!

Sarah said...

Watched your videos and of course subscribed. You're such a sweetheart! I loved getting to see you in action.

I can't comment on YouTube because i don't have an account, but I'll always "like" them and then comment here.

My scale was stupid this week too. LoL

peppylady (Dora) said...

Will be glad to subscribed to your channel. Any improvement in health is the right direction and you look lovely in pink.
Coffee is on

*Stained Glass Butterfly* said...

We have no breaks in the heat, so I am jealous! Still in the 90s and quite gross here. I laughed about you vowing to wear that outfit every day, when you got compliments, because I do the same thing!

MaryFran said...

Dang it!!! All that movement and the scales bit you in the behind!!! Down with the scales!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks for watching and subscribing! I have been having a blast doing them!!!!

We both just need new scales!!!

MaryFran said...

Thanks for the subscribe! And yes...even if the scales are stupid, I am still making great strides in being healthy!!

MaryFran said...

I hesitate to wish for fall....because I know that the cold comes afterwards!!!

MaryFran said...

Get to it...the longer you wait to get back on track, the harder it will be!!!

jen said...

Love love your outfit...espesially that pink jacket !!!

MrsSwan said...

Liked and saved for later to watch when I don't have a toddler next to me.

Try not to be a slave to that scale! Your body is obviously showing changes without it showing on a scale. Have you ever seen those pictures of two people saying that they are the same weight but they obviously look different? That is what is going on. I am sure your muscles are retaining water and what not with all the activity that you do.

Maybe switch to bi-weekly or monthly weigh-ins?

I got a new scale and I am in love with it (for now) lol but I know I may hate it soon. I will be posting about it soon. I want to blog but I need to be centered and toddler free to put forth my best effort. Of course we also need groceries so we shall see what I do today.