Sunday, July 21, 2019

Heat and Execise

What a weekend!!!  It was a weekend full of love and fun. (All of our weekends are loving and fun though!). It was also filled with activities and movement.    We did take  plenty of relaxation time to allow us to rest and rejuvenate ourselves for the work week ahead.   Did I mention the heat?  It was hot as....well it was hot!

We were both off of work on Friday and we were determined to enjoy every second of our day off together.   We had a few errands in the morning but they didn’t take long.  Before we knew it we were heading out for a little one night get-a-way.  We have gone to this hotel quite a few times.  It’s an old ‘motor court’ from the fifties.  It still has some of the vintage 50’s charm (and features) which I love.  True, some of it is older but the owner keeps it neat and clean..which is what I care about.  The original plan for the weekend was to hit the trails and go on some long hikes.  However, the weather was hot as Hades!  We headed straight for the hotel and spent the afternoon in the hotel pool!

We were smart and had on sunscreen...and thereby had a fabulous time in the pool!  I moved the whole time in the pool.   I was either swimming or treading water!  

We were wiped out that evening!    On Saturday we had plans to swim more, but we got sidetracked with tv in the morning and had some other ideas on how to spend a super hot day!  One of the things we did was head over to the Van’s outlet...not quite on the way home, but not too far out of the way.  Jason needed shoes....his Vans were looking rather ragged.  We hoped to find a pair that he liked and if we were lucky at a good deal.  Little did we know what deals we were going to find!

Six an average of $32 bucks a pair. More than half price!   And colors he likes and the size he needs!  

We got home and relaxed the rest of Saturday.   

Sunday morning....we really did plan on going super early!   I swear!  But we didn’t hit the trail on our bikes until 9:45!   It was already hot!  I could feel sweat dripping down my knees.  (Don’t ask me...but that is where I could feel the sweat...on my knees.). I managed the trail without stopping...even in the heat.   I also attempted the personal nemesis.  A hill that I can’t even make it 1/4 of the way up.  I try it each time though...persistence will get me there...right??

We stopped at the creek to go wading.  It helped cool us down!

We went home and showered and then headed out to pick up salads for dinner (to go with our pizza) and fresh fruit for the work week.   We relaxed a bit and then headed over to our communities pool.  It wasn’t too crazy busy so we enjoyed just shy of an hour lounging in the water.  Well, I didn’t lounge...I swam or treaded water the whole time...gotta stay active ya know!

I did splurge a bit with cookies while we were away.  But my calories have been in check.  (Even the cookies didn’t take me long as I added in the activity earned calories.)

My weight leveled off and it looks like this last week will go down in history as a maintain.  I’m ok with that...I wish I had a loss but a maintain isn’t all that bad!   

So I can add another fabulous weekend to the history books.   We maintained our trend of being active and it felt good!  We managed to be active even in the face of 100° temps (heat index 115° plus).  We are not letting excuses (even rather valid ones) slow is down!   We are going to rock this healthy lifestyle thing!!!


mxtodis123 said...

You are much braver than I am. Yesterday I only left my house to take out the garbage. Much to hot out there for man or beast.

Sarah said...

Swimming is a great hot weather way to stay active! And I'm sure it felt like a mini vacation. Way to go on the shoe find! I don't own a total of six pairs of shoes.... much less 6 new ones LOL.

Shelley said...

That motorcourt motel is so cool!! I love that it's being cared for so well. The pool looked like the perfect place to be over the weekend; I can't fathom going for a ride in that heat! Oh - your knee sweat reminded me of our shin sweat...symbolic because when that happens, you know your body is looking for a new place to sweat, LOL!

MaryFran said...

It was miserable! The bike ride was only endured because I knew that a stop at the creek was planned during the bike ride...that cooled us downbb

MaryFran said...

If you found a deal you might find yourself buying enough shoes for a basketball team!!

MaryFran said...

Hahahaha. Shin sweat! I’m in good company then!!!

LuckyMama said...

You're doing so well at being active....particularly in the heat - you're a rockstar girlfriend!!!!

And knee sweat!! You got me!!! lol

Lynn said...

Send us some warm weather!

MaryFran said...

The knee sweat was the craziest thing!!!! I’m trying! I hate the treadmill and machines so I am really trying to avoid the fitness center!!

MaryFran said...

You can have it!!!!! Send me the cool!!!!

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