Friday, July 26, 2019

Changes: going with the flow as life throws new opportunities at me

Over the years I have altered and changed my approach to this blog/site.  I started writing and chronicling my weight loss journey for myself. It was just an online journal that I was keeping for myself.   I knew people could see it but I never expected it!  Wow how things have changed!

I have always journaled my life and have always been private about it.  But decided to try this online journal thing so many years ago  simply because I would have access to my journal at work, at home, on vacation...anywhere I had internet!  That sounded easier than dragging around a weight loss journal....another notebook.  (I still do write in a personal journal...old fashioned pen and is cathartic for me!).   It worked perfectly and I was happy as a lark.  I was writing for myself only and as a means to remember and learn as I embarked upon the task of losing over 100 pounds.

Sure I knew that people could stumble upon it and read it....but what were the odds.  And never my family...I was sure!    Well...imagine my surprise when low and behold people started commenting.   And by the time my family stumbles upon it...well I was fine with sharing!   Come one...come all!

I kept writing.  I still wrote for myself, but the comments helped.  It was a bit of accountability. But while I still wrote for myself (and still do) this site  has evolved over the years.  There was a major name change.  It went from ‘a new start’ to ‘belief in myself’. I have gone through periods where I barely post to periods where I post every day to now-a-day’s where I post regularly and on a schedule.  (Seriously, the schedule helps me stay super accountable for everything!) Lots of alterations in my handling of this site and in my health, fitness and healthy lifestyle beliefs have occured over the last 13.5 years since I started writing my thoughts here.

I am going through another change.  It’s a biggie!   I will still be posting on here and writing everything out....because that is my ‘safe place’...writing is my way to process my struggles and victories.  Probably the only thing that will change here is that I will be posting my weigh in results on Monday’s ....and talking about my weekends on Wednesday’s.  No big changes.  The big change is that I plan on starting to share a weekly vlog about my progress.  Yes, I am nervous about are bad enough...but video?  Yikes!  The vlog will be my baby....I have been part of the weight loss journey community for so long that I needed to do this.  But I will have two babies.  The other baby?  We plan on doing short videos of this mountain biking experience....sharing the ups and downs (oh dear heavens let there be no more meltdowns on the trial of tears once the cameras are rolling....or even worse...don’t let me rip my pants so badly again...also on the trial of tears...because I know I will show it ......cuz seriously, I wrote about it ...but how embarrassing!!!).    We are doing it for a few reasons.  Mainly because we want a video that shows our progression as I learn to mountain bike in my upper 40’s....and as an overweight a male dominated sport.  Seeing the progression is huge ..because honestly I say I can see progression sometimes but it is so hard to recognize it...most days while riding  I feel as if I am still doing as poorly as I did the first time we went out. But we are also doing this because we want people to see....if you want something, follow your excuses.  Will this be a long term thing?  Maybe...maybe not.  We may hate the time and effort it takes and we may end up with tons of clips stored in a folder for our own viewing pleasure and you may only see one or two crazy videos but who knows.  Let’s try!

So I will still be writing everything here....but stay tuned for some videos also.  (Weight loss vlog first, most likely....trail stories shortly thereafter).   Be patient as I learn and adjust and by all means, enjoy this ride of a lifetime with me! 


Shelley said...

I confess I don't watch vlogs much but I hope you enjoy doing yours and I'll have to watch it. :)

Sarah said...

Oh how exciting! I watch a lot of vlogs... weightloss, crafts and other things. It will be fantastic to actually see and hear someone I feel like I actually "know".

I hope all the effort and work aren't too much to add to your schedule. I'm really looking forward to it.

MaryFran said...

No worries and no need to watch...I’ll still be writing it all!!!

MaryFran said...

I hope it’s not too much for my schedule also...I’m looking forward to actually doing this and having a record of this journey on video!

mxtodis123 said...

I am not familiar with vlogs. Have no idea what they are.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I belong to weight lost support group to keep my self accountable. There been time I didn't want to face scales.
I didn't keep a diary or journal when I was young. But start my blog in 2005. And I do have you tube channel and made a few videos.
Coffee is on

MrsSwan said...

I am very interested in your vlogs (at least to start! HAHA) Like I want to see the basics. As in your bikes in the car and you guys set them up and whatnot. I do confess I am not a big vlog watching also UNLESS I have an interest. I might have an interest. I might not but I won't know till I watch. I was scared at first about your big announcement in case you were going to stop blogging. LOL

I actually took a bike ride this evening and I have a phone holder on my bike. I considered videoing a little bit of the neighborhood but really where would I even upload that to? LOL

I hope to post something soon- actually I have 2 posts pending that will refer to you. How funny!

MaryFran said...

Yeah. I am definitely going to keep writing....that’s my first love! But the videos will be a neat way for me to see progression!!!