Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The fallout: return from vacation

Three days into my work week. Let me tell you it was hard to come back after a week off. But I must work.    But being Wednesday, it also means I am three days into my return to healthy eating and A healthier lifestyle.

It’s no secret that I ate very poorly over my vacation. I had dessert of some sort each and every night. I thoroughly enjoyed it also!!!    I also vowed that when vacation was over the poor eating habits were ending.

Yes, I know that in some regards, going  crazy (if that’s what you call having dessert every day) for a week is not good. However, how often do we go on vacation? Once a year???  And for me in the last couple years it’s been even longer. I have been preaching for the last couple months about how I want to live my life… In a sustainable way… But remain healthy. For me, at this phase in my life,  indulging on a vacation was well within the boundaries that I have set up for myself. I expected a small gain. I also know that it’s stopped now that vacation is over.

It’s Wednesday, vacation ended Sunday night. How did I do?

Let’s backtrack to Sunday night, my last night of vacation food and eating. I did eat a piece of cake. I also ate two Reesie‘s cup that day. (I should be awarded a medal, I only ate 2 cups out of the king size  package.) When we were done with the cake that evening, there was still a small piece left on the cake plate. Now is where the major decision making time came upon me......I had a major decision to make. If I wasn’t eating cake through the week, what do I do with that piece of cake?  I made my decision, pretty quickly also. I scraped that piece of cake right into the garbage can. Yes, I did… It amazed me too!  By the time I went to bed on Saturday night, there were no sweet treats left in the house. Step one of keeping my vow had been completed.

On Monday evening, I planned a healthy dinner for us. It wasn’t lasen in grease or butter. It had lots of vegetables. We both enjoyed the healthy home-cooked meal. (I had only made one or two dinners the whole time we were gone… It was all eating out.) after dinner, I found myself in the kitchen wondering aimlessly. It was rather odd. But eventually  I realized what was happening. My body was subconsciously looking four that sweet sugary treat. I had gotten  rid of everything the night before (thank heavens), so there was nothing to eat. I could have easily made something, But I did not. I had a banana… It tasted delicious.

On Tuesday we also had a nice healthy balanced meal with lots of vegetables.  And I avoided any sweet treat!   

I’m not giving up the sweet sugary delight or dessert. I still plan on indulging a bit on the weekends. I’m sure when my next vacation rolls around I will probably also indulge. This is all about  finding that balance in my life.

So how was my weight affected? That is a loaded question. I will also say that we were very active during our vacation. We hiked. We biked. We walked. Sadly, I do not have the exact weight results. Yes, I weigh myself every day. However, a few days before my vacation started my scales went on the fritz. They just needed batteries… But of course I didn’t have that size. So I have to go with what my weight was a few days before vacation started.  I know what my weight is the first day after vacation. I gained 3 - 4 pounds. Now let me also backtrack and say that I did horrible with drinking water the first half of vacation. The second half of vacation, not so good. On Sunday I don’t even think I finished a full bottle of water. No water equals dehydration which conveys to weight gain on the scales. Couple that with the monthly ick ....Which also usually equals a pound or two on the scales. I’m pretty darn happy with the three or four pounds. Sure, I would love to have lost or even maintained. But in the grand scheme of things, with those other two factors… 3 pounds is good. And I’m drinking my water like crazy to get back to where I need to be.  So as of Wednesday morning I’m only one pound up!  Not bad!!!!

Now to just make it to the weekend so I can relax, this working stuff is no fun!!!


mxtodis123 said...

I commend you. I wouldn't have been able to throw that cake into the garbage. My thought would have been, "Just one more piece won't hurt. I can't throw this cake away. What if I want it later?" and then I would have eaten it later in the evening.

jen said...

Well done you....I need your strength. And I need to believe in myself...

MaryFran said...

It was hard!!! But I had made my vow and repeated it over and over all vacation! So I was strong at that point!!!

MaryFran said...

You definitely need to believe in yourself!!!! You can DEFINITELY do it!!!

*My Stalker Is Fat* said...

I need to keep sweets out of the house, or I will eat them, so I would have had to throw the cake away too. I made a cheesecake last weekend, anticipating that my husband and the kids would eat all of it, and they did...all except one slice! It sat in the fridge for days, calling my name, and I was just getting ready to throw it away when someone finally ate it, ha ha (and it wasn't me!)

MaryFran said...

Good job for resisting that cheesecake!!!