Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Fun Facts:

It’s Friday!!!  One would think that after a full week of vacation that I wouldn’t be sooo ready for the weekend.  Right?   Nope!  I’m ready for the weekend, probably even more ready than normal!  So not my normal chit chatty post...more a bullet point ‘let’s get caught up’ post.

Week in review

The week went by at a pretty swift pace...thank heavens! I was worried about it since it was the first week back after vacation.   I spent quite a bit of my time training my counterparts at our site in Indiana....while I remained in Maryland. (Challenging) .  But that also helped make it go fast!    But the long 11 hour days again took their toll and I’m running on fumes at this point!  We have a couple plans and thoughts for the weekend...and of course lots of sleeping in and if history proves correct maybe even a nap or two!

Victory for the week

The victory for this week was my eating!  I was able to pull it under control pretty well!  I didn’t let the one bad week of vacation eating turn into the new norm!  I may have roamed the kitchen one or two nights looking for a sweet treat but I did not cave!!   Furthermore, we had lots of fruits and veggies this week....they tasted delicious!

Failure for the week

Ok, there were actually 2 failures.

1.  Exercise.  I did not sacrifice my time to exercise more. I got no exercise!!!  Furthermore, I didn’t even walk on my lunch or breaks!  (One day I did....but that means the rest of the week I didn’t!)
2. I totally failed at tracking this week!   I tracked the whole way through vacation and somehow fell apart this week!  Ok...I only missed the last two days (and I will probably go back and put in what I ate)...but that’s a bad slip up for me....tracking is instrumental for my success!!


I am happy to say that after a week at home,l that my weight has regulated to exactly what it was the week before I went on vacation.   I’m pretty happy with that!!!!!!!  And as of Saturday it was actually one pound lower than it was the day before vacation commenced!  So I recouped AND lost!!!!


I am planning on having one night this weekend with a sweet treat (maybe two) and of course Friday nights are pizza and wings night for us (we are so wiped out by Friday night that it’s the relax night...). and then I’m back to healthy eating.   I’m hoping to get the exercise stuff started this upcoming week!    But regardless, I’m happy with whee I’m at and I plan on continuing and letting this weight slowly melt away.

All in all this was a pretty ok week for me...a little bummer to be back to work, but I think I did pretty good with my quest for a healthy life!!!


*My Stalker Is Fat* said...

After a vacation, it is hard to get going again and fire all cylinders. You are aware of what you slacked on this week and know what you need to work on next week. Let this week be an adjustment week and go for it next week!

Shelley said...

It IS hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation but it sounds like you are back into it. Have a great weekend!

MaryFran said...

Exactly! Calculated decisions!

MaryFran said...

Yes, I am very pleased at how I’m slipping back into it!!!

mxtodis123 said...

I always found it harder to get through the week after a vacation. Sort of a letdown that vacation is over and structure back in. You did great this week with food. I wish I could say that about myself.

MaryFran said...

You will get back into the swing of things now thatyour apartment is pretty much back to normal and once your hamstring feels better!!!