Monday, April 14, 2014

Imelda Marcos in the Making???

Monday was a day where I was spot on.  Calorie wise...literally dead on my goal.  Not one calorie over and not one calorie under.  Amazingly perfect!   And I topped it off with a class at zumba after work.....admittedly, like I said in my last post; zumba on Monday night is a habit....otherwise I'd probably have been a lazy bum!

Workout clothes out of my bag and ready to be donned!
Some days are perfect.  We feel sexy.  We feel confident.  We feel like we are on top of the world!   There is no discernible thing that causes us to feel that way.  But it can change.  The very next day we may feel like a frumpy bottom dweller.   The sexy confident days are the days that I feel most capable of success on this weight loss journey.  I feel confident about life and I feel confident about my goals and how to get there.  Those confident days are usually successful weight loss days.

So how can I manipulate these feelings?  I have of recent weeks rekindled my infatuation with shoes.  It started with these shoes.  Yes, they are pink suede shoes.

My all time favorite boots

My husband crossed his arms when I bought them and said "Don't you have enough pairs of shoes in the closet????"   I answered "One can never have enough shoes!"   I also vowed to wear some of those multiple pairs more often.  You see, I love shoes but I typically end up wearing the tried and true comfort (and sometimes ratty looking) shoes.  So I bought my pink suede shoes and wore them. I also pulled out the brown suede shoes.  I pulled out the black boots, the brown boots, and ohhh all time favorite black boots!   Oh yes, I wore my awesome shoes that I had in the closest.

And then this last week I walked into a store and my eyes saw them. Oh yes, I saw a pair of pink suede boots.  Pink?  Suede??  Really???  I just bought a pair of pink suede shoes two weeks earlier.  I fell in love with the boots and they were on sale!  A really awesome sale!!!  Well, I had to have them!  (My husband just said 'go ahead Imelda"  Oh yes, I bought them!  
not a great picture...but I promise..awesome boots under those pant legs

I'm not quite to Imelda status where close actually.  Is it a bit of a transfer of my addiction...I take away food and replace it with shoes.....probably not.  ha ha ha.  But you know...if it gives me a bit of sparkle...a bit of confidence....a bit of fun and whimsy into my life.  And if that sparkle, confidence, fun and whimsy in some weird convoluted way helps me maintain control of my food addiction....then bring on the shoes!  Hmmmm...maybe I should hit up a shoe store today!!!!  


*A Strong New Me* said...

I love those black boots! They're awesome. My closet is too small for me to have a lot of shoes, but I do appreciate and admire them :)

Tricia Coniglio said...

I can definitely relate to feeling different about myself from day to day!

Your shoes are super cute!! I love shoes and I have a TON of them but my knees hurt if I wear heels so I keep it limited to every once in a while.

Leslie said...

I love your shoes!!! I tend to just wear my tennis But atleast I made sure I got some cute ones this time :) I am with you on trying to figure out how to have more of those beautiful, feeling sexy days :)

Melissa said...

I am COVETING those shoes!! It's so funny, since dropping this weight, I've finally been able to wear shoes that weren't comfortable before! I rocked heels to work for the first time maybe EVER this month! And my feet didn't hurt a bit! Today I'm rocking brown knee high boots! It's a nice reward for hard work and the days I "dress up" a bit I feel soooo good, way better than when I just dress for comfort!

LuckyMama said...

Those are some beautiful shoes. I think I'd have to have lessons before I could walk in them though.

It's funny - sometimes when you post, I feel I could have written the words myself. Thanks for a great post.

And tonight - I'm doing 7 minutes. Thank you!

bbubblyb said...

Love your shoes and boots. I've always wanted to be brave with shoes maybe one of these days. Love to hear you felt sexy about wearing them :) way to go :)

Kyra said...

I wish I liked shoes. My big feet and lack of grace, I just can't get into them... I feel like I'm missing out! :)

Cathy said...

I LOVE shoes!! I thought I died when I saw the pink suede ones, and then you had to put a picture of the pink boots. I'm super jealous!!

I have 2 shoe racks and still have too many shoes all over the floor. They don't fit in my (very messy) closet, so they are everywhere outside of my closet. :-)