Friday, April 04, 2014


I've said it over and over, this journey is about choices.  I have choices to make each day.  What I eat is a choice.  What exercise will I do.   Some days the choices are easy.  Some days I waffle on my choices.  Some days the choice is the most difficult thing!     Today the choice was easy.....I chose to celebrate 12 years of marriage with my husband.  We are celebrating with a mini vacation. The choice may not be the correct one, but it's what I chose.   I know that I will use more calories than I 'should' this weekend. I'm resigned to it an I'm ok with it. (of course, because it is MY choice!)

What's my plan?   Enjoy the celebration with my husband......There have been some times where I seriously doubted that we would make it to this anniversary, so I plan on enjoying it. What are we doing?  We had planned a full weekend of travel and fun.  However, we decided to stay at home and spend that money on some patio furniture and some other small projects that involve a bit of spending.   It was a choice that we made and we were confident with that choice. (ahhh see choices!)  We have 'one meal' of yummy goodness planned for each day...and the rest of the meals smaller or rather healthier.  Today was hot taco dip (which we had for lunch)  ONe day is to go to Dolces, one is for Chinese (which I have been craving!).  I have turkey for sandwiches for our other meals.  So not 'too bad'.    (Day one and I'm only 250 calories not any great 'binge'!)

I already got groceries for the next week.  Many of my meals for the next week will be comprised of Salads.  I also have a variety of I may just throw together a small fruit salad for myself.  So on track eating after a meal or two of eating debauchery!

I've got this!   I have been totally determined to learn to 'live' and still be healthy!  Living means celebrating life's events without guilt but also learning to not throw myself totally off track!

And with my recent 'wearing heels' to work thing...and trying to dress nicer (most days), I thought that this was perfect!


LuckyMama said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys have a fantabulous time!

Choices are something I think about a lot on my own journey - all of them count not matter how small. But I also think that when we make a conscious choice within the bigger context of our life and goals, it means we're in charge.

And you, my friend, are in charge!

You know this weekend is special and not an every day occurrence. The way you choose to spend it is totally cool.


Loved your post today so decided to comment; so right! The choice a person makes is always the right choice. Thanks!

Debsdailylife said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your time together was awesome!!