Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday madness

After my busy weekend I awoke this morning just absolutely dreading going to work!   I just wasn't feeling in any mood to face work!  I had already planned on going for a run.  I may have talked myself out of it die to tone constraints and my crappy mood but I pushed onward.  I was actually hoping that the 'runners high' would improve my Monday mood.

I'm sorry to announce it but I can't lie!  When the run was over, I still didn't want to go to work!!!  But at least I got a run in!!

Half way through my work day I decided that maybe a walk on my lunch break would make the day better!!!   So I walked on my lunch break!

Yeah, I felt great while walking.  I enjoyed the blooming trees and the sunshine.  Then I went back inside and the duldrums hit again.   

Hey, at least I turned toward exercise!  That's a huge step in the right direction!!!!  Tonight is Zumba!  Hopefully some of my peeps will be there!  (I refer to my Zumba buddies as 'my peeps')

This month I set a mileage goal of 100.  Should have been simple!   As of today I only have 21 miles!  Oops!  79 miles in 9 days....doable...kinda... But we shall see!!

Fear...have I mentioned how fear rules my life???  For some reason my lite speed bike is a fear for me.  I know that it is going to be painful against the first...and that freaks me out.  Go figure!  I even one day panicked about the clipless pedals.  (Although when I rode my trek yesterday and slowed down and immediately started the traditional litany in my head 'clips clips clips'...I knew I would be ok.).   I still struggle with changing the tube when I get a that freaks me out. Stupid fears!!!!   Yeah, I'm a mental case!  I know it!   

That said....I will be facing the bike and I WILL conquer it this year!   Riding and maybe...just maybe changing a tire too (I have no problem changing the tire/tubes on my trek or my husbands trek).

Eating....once again I'm vowing to get back to strict eating!!!  This weight HAS to go!!


timothy said...

turnin to exercise is a HUGE mental shift! and it's a silly bike you're a KICK-ASS WARRIOR GODDESS what chance does it have in defeating you? that's right NONE!!!

Michele said...

Nice work getting a ride in before work! Yeah, work can be tough at times.

Those glorious blossoms would make any outdoor activity fabulous!

Not sure if it works for you, but I get on my bike early before work. Then there are NO excuses when I come home. See if that works for you!

Tricia Coniglio said...

I am glad you were able to get in your morning cardio, afternoon cardio and then evening cardio! That is some serious business! good job :)

Leslie said...

So proud of you for all the exercise you got in !!!


*A Strong New Me* said...

It's amazing to exercise when you feel down or stressed out. It's something I am working on!

Kyra said...

I'm with you, this weight has got to go! :)

Fran said...

Well done on the exercise instead of turning to food for example. I do know that feeling of not wanting to go to work. Happens a lot on Sunday evening to me :)

Unknown said...

This is great! I think the biggest problem regarding weight loss is that people don't eat enough which results in metabolic damage which then results in people spending the rest of there lives trying to get in to shape. So many people get in shape from eating dangerously low amounts of calories and excessive amounts of cardio and then then they gain it all back and can't get it off again.


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