Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fix it

Well another week has passed in this how did I do on week two....

Not so good!

       I tracked my food everyday.  NO matter if it was good or bad.   
Stay within food budget....FAIL
       Surprisingly, on my 'free day' I remained within my calorie budget.  I fell apart on other days.  Go
       I squeaked this one out....but managed to make it happen.
      I don't quite know what happened on this one, other than I just didn't tip the glass up enough times.

This is a good reminder to me.   Fix the problems!  

I think I may like this weekly update...because it has made me really look back at my week and honestly face what I did and where I slipped up.    Slipping up is not a failure (even though I put the word fail beside my weekly goals I did not reach).  The failure is not recognizing it and allowing it to continue.  Failure is ignoring the issues letting one bad week turn into 2 bad weeks.   You see, we all know what happens with two bad turns into 2 bad months!   Failure is NOT making a mistake.....failure is not seeing it and correcting it.

So some self tough love for myself, "MaryFran.....Fix it!"

Meanwhile, I'm working on a few things in my life that I've always wanted to work on.  Things that have been in the back of my mind as something I would 'love' to do and say I have done.  It's better to attempt something and say "it didn't happen' versus be old and say "I wish I would have tried that."    So stay tuned for updates on those projects!   This is my year to find me again.   How will "I" look at the end of the year physically and mentally is the question!!!!   


Jessica said...

Can't wait to hear about your projects!
And I love your ""failure" philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats with keeping yourself in check! It's so hard for me to do so these days :/

Darcy Winters said...

I think working on your other projects will help you with the food and exercise. I think sometimes we kind of fixate on the weight loss and your new projects will help you keep your mind off of it and let it happen naturally! :-)

Caz said...

You have a very positive outlook, and I'm sure you'll reach your 2014 goals :)

Lisa said...

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