Monday, June 17, 2013

Rolling onward!

Back to the grind!  Yes, it's Monday which means the weekend is over.  I'm already counting down until the next one!!!

I didn't let my busy weekend keep me from exercise.  I knocked out 4 miles of running on Saturday morning and 5 miles of walking on Sunday morning.  This morning I rolled out of bed early and hopped onto my bike.  I was about halfway through my ride when I realized that my bottle cages were empty.  Yup, I left my water bottle on the kitchen table.  Oops!  
No fears.  It was early and not stinking hot yet!  (I had plenty of options should I have needed water...the studio, a coworkers house, etc etc etc) The ride wasn't as painfully awful as some of my earlier rides have been and my arms don't ache like they have in the past!!! Progress!!!  Hip hip hurray!!!!
After returning home I had a productive morning.  I prepped and made dinner for tonight (Todd will have to pop it in the oven at the set time), cleaned up the kitchen, finished the wedding pics , burned the disk to mail out and packed my gym bag.  I showered and actually also got bills paid and mailed and the books updated for the business.  It's amazing to me how I'm always just a busy bee of productivity after an early morning run or ride!  Crazy I tell ya!!

Tonight is Zumba.  My clothes are packed and ready!  Tomorrow morning will be a run and evening will be Zumba.    Bring it on!!!   

On the food front...
I tried a horned rimmed melon today.  I'm part of a weight loss/healthy habits challenge and this week our mini challenge was to try something you had never tried before.   I can safely say that I won't be eating another horned melon any time soon. (My manager is in the same challenge....she tried it with me...neither of us liked it!)I found the taste bland and the little mucus'y pods disgusting!  But hey, I tried it!!!

Meanwhile I'm pondering a mud run.   Not a tough mudder, but similar.  Hmmm.  (Seriously, I must be absolutely insane...I've gone bonkers....this is not the MaryFran that is familiar!)

Last but not least, I maintained my weight this last week.  It's a miracle!!!


Lydia Taylor said...

Awesome job on being so productive today! I'm very jealous of your energy levels. Keep up the good work, you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! Water is so overated these days anyway! Seriously, Nice work.

Debsdailylife said...

I try to be an early morning person!! BUT, I hate it!!! BUT, youre right, it sure does start you day off on the right track!!!
A horned rimmed melon... Hmmm. That sounds...yucky!
Mud run... Ive been thinking about it! Sounds fun to get dirty. They have all sorts of them!! Pretty Girl mud runs, to all out sloppy ones!!!