Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend report and weigh in results

My weekend was chock full of activity and craziness.  My weekend really didn't start working until noon on Saturday when I got off of work.  I rushed home and made a nutritious lunch for Todd and I and then we headed out with our bikes on top of the car safely ensconced in my car bike rack.  We decided to head about 30 minutes west of us to do our ride on the C&O canal.  We headed out.  I had a delightful ride.  It is after all only one of my first rides of the season, so my butt was SOOOO sore, as soon as I sat on the saddle it hurt.  I pushed through it though (and encouraged Todd to push through his issues).  Overall though, I was happy as a lark.  I may or may not have been an obnoxious riding partner at times with my singing.  I was just so happy to be out there that songs burst forth....although I did try to curb it back to humming when I realized what I was doing.  It was a great ride!  We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with family, getting groceries and having and early dinner.

A view on my run
We got home and rushed around the house. I had already expressed my plans to Todd while we had dinner and he was on board so we rushed the groceries into the house and quickly put away the cold stuff (it was a small trip so it didn't take long) and then we headed out.   He ended up at the studio where he did  bit of work for the 45 minutes that I would be running on the battlefield. (His studio is technically part of the battlefield, but right next to government land.)   I started out my run.  I could tell that I was just totally void of energy.  The bike ride had sapped the jump and pep in my legs.  I was determined however to keep going.  For the first mile or so my only thought was just to FINISH.  This was the last 2.5 miler that I would be running, the next week I would swing into 3 mile runs....building myself up.  I got to about 1.75 miles in and I glanced at my gps/counter/clocky thingy app on my phone and I got this hair brained idea in my head that I could finish it in 30 minutes. (That would be a three quarters of a mile in 4 minutes.....which is actually insane for me as my average pace has been about a 14.5 minute mile).  I started full out running...the likes of something this old body hasn't seen since I was probably 10 years old (I was being generous, I actually wanted to type 5...but I wasn't overweight until about 10 or 12 so I figured go higher).    I was flying (for me).  I could feel my body jiggling and shaking from movement.  I mean face it....I have fat on my body and it was doing the santa thing, a bowl full of jelly.  It felt really odd...not the comfortable feeling that I've fallen into with my normal pace (and yes, that pace has become 'normal and comfortable')  but surprisingly it wasn't bad.  I glanced down at my phone....oh my word I was running at a 10:30 pace.  Me????????  I kept it up for about a quarter of  mile.  I then dropped back to the comfortable pace.  I ran comfortably for another quarter of  mile and then I picked up the pace again for the last quarter of  mile.  I walked back to the studio after my 2.5 miles were complete and finally looked at my stats.....I literally shaved a minute off my best average pace.....on a day where my legs felt heavy and I feared I couldn't go on!

Sunday morning I woke up and weighed myself.   228.7    That is a weekly loss of 2.9!!!   For this year I can now say I've lost    25.5  pounds!   And if that isn't enough, from my highest weight I have lost 87.7 pounds!!!

I didn't have much time to gloat and celebrate yesterday.  I headed out. I literally just grabbed a cheese stick as I ran out the door.  I had a bit of traveling to do.  I headed 45 minutes north where I had the pleasure of working with a fun fun couple.  We were doing pictures for their wedding invitations.   We travelled around to some fun locations and actually had a lot of fun. LOTS of walking and squatting was done by me!

When I left there, I headed straight to my parents house where I hooked up with them to go to my youngest nephews soccer game.  I was able to eat a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some mandarin oranges before we headed out to the game. There is nothing cuter than 6 year old kids playing a game.....half clueless and just fun to watch.  And of course my nephew is such a cutie that I cant help but smile! And yes, the coach behind him in the picture helping is my brother.

After the soccer game my whole family (minus Todd, he was working) headed out for pizza with some friends.  I ate three slices of a margherita pizza.  It was tasty!  Not exactly a healthy day, but I realize what I did wrong (I should have packed my breakfast and lunch the night before....and pizza will never be totally eradicated from my life....I would be miserable so I will figure out how to work it in)  I bid adieu to everyone at the restaurant and headed home.  I knew that I had hundreds of pictures to go through...editing and converting them to jpegs.  I worked until about midnight doing the first edit and conversion.  I did eat a skinny cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich while I worked. (and no, I was under my calorie count for the day)  Tasty! 

Busy weekend.  My house is a wreck.  I have baskets of clean laundry sitting on the kitchen table that needs to be folded. I have some food that needs to be prepped for this week. TONS of pictures still need edited.  So much undone! I of course return to work this morning.  I'm running behind...but I'm happy.

I'm not running this morning, and instead I'm going to try to get some stuff done here at the house so I'm not running behind all week.  I'm not worried about delaying my run though....I will still get exercise today, tonight is zumba sentao!


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

Congratulations on your weigh in this week, and WOW about your total weight loss so far! You are doing awesome!

Eesh said...

Sounded like a fun activity filled day! Keep it up hun, you're doing well!

...and congrats on the weight loss! Man that is phenomenal news!


Shelley said...

Your basically did a brick workout, with that bike ride/run. That is HARD! So give yourself extra kudos for rocking the run on jelly-bike legs! :)

timothy said...

that's wonderful i know the actual running is scary, i'm planning on doin intervals for my 2nd 5k this weekend! you ROCK!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary Fran! I always like looking at the total loss from the high point, like you did in this post. The little bobbles do their thing up and down, but the really important thing is the total loss. I have really had to remind myself of that when I had a weekly 1 pound gain at my weight loss meeting, while still keeping off over 30 pounds. If I leave off the 30 pounds, it sounds like I gained weight, when I'm actually keeping off a bunch of weight--like you are.

:-) Marion

Debsdailylife said...

What an amazing weekend!! Good for you pushing through the lead legs!! Thats hard!! and 10:30!! AWESOME!!! Congrats on the loss too!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats! Your weight loss is great!
You have made such great progress!